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Punch Kick Duck: Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Punch Kick Duck is a new side scrolling brawler for the iOS and Android platforms. Your character is a duck who punches, kicks, and ducks their way through hordes of enemies. You have to guess the right attack to use against the right enemy, and you move forward automatically, so your only focus is to fight against rivals, while also being able to earn coins and unlock new characters.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Punch Kick Duck!

In this game, punch beats kick, kick beats duck, and duck beats punch, so in a way, this game is very similar to rock paper scissors. If you pick the correct attack, you’ll knock the enemy off the screen, and if you pick the same attack as the enemy, then neither of you will lose, and you will get a duel over.

Every type of enemy uses the same attack every time. For example, use punch to defeat the rabbit, and use kick to defeat the pig, because they will use kick and duck respectively. Even as you go through more and more levels, you will be able to guess which attack to use, although you’ll have to do it fast.

You will start to come across enemies that have an attack that doesn’t fit into any of these three categories, such as rushing at you with a drink cart or throwing a bottle at you. When an enemy uses an attack that isn’t a punch, a kick, or a dock, then you can defeat this attack by using any of your three available moves. The only important part is that you counter fast, because they come out you very quickly.

Aside from the three standard moves, you can tap anywhere else on the screen in order to run. Running will move you through the stage faster, and will also make it easy to score a lot of points, because you score extra points for speed, plus you have to outrun the bear.

If you want to intentionally slow yourself down, simply hit one of the attack buttons over and over. Slowing yourself down can be good to catch a breather before a large horde of enemies, and can also allow you to see what’s coming a little bit sooner, making it good for survival.

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You can unlock a whole host of new characters, most of which can be unlocked by spending coins. These characters can change your appearance, and they can sometimes change the dialogue that pops up on the screen, but the gameplay will always be the same.

The exception to this is the characters that you can only purchase with real life money. One of the characters will double your coin earnings, and the other character will cut the price of everything in the game and a half. These effects will last no matter whether you select these characters or not, which will allow you to have both bonuses at the same time.