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PPKP – Top 17 Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

PPKP is a new fighting RPG for the iOS and Android platforms, styled after the classic 8-bit games that we all know and love. Your goal in this game is to battle through numerous stages, both endless levels and levels with boss fights, rebuild the town, and upgrade your character to take on tougher and tougher enemies. You can earn coins, gems, and building supplies that you can do almost anything with. Read on for the top 17 tips and tricks for PPKP!

17) When you go up against a particular enemy, they will be weak against either kicks or punches; almost never both. The same type of enemy will always be weak against the same type of attack, so if it’s a punch-weak enemy, hit them with punch combos. If it’s a kick-weak enemy, then hit them with kick combos instead.

16) In the non-endless levels, though, you’ll come across gold enemies, which have a lot of attack power but zero defense. They will be weak against both kicks and punches, so you can choose whatever attack combo you want to pull off. You just need to remember to block their attacks so that you don’t get knocked back to the city before you defeat them.

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15) To rebuild the city, you’ll need to get the right parts. To get these, go to the junkyard and beat the crap out of the car there. Early on, you will be able to cancel out the cool-down time by paying mere coins. Later on, you’ll have to pay gems. Pay coins while you still can, and load up on hardware so that you can rebuild anything that you’re able to.

14) Don’t just rebuild your immediate town, though. Once you get the helicopter, go out into the rest of the city. Tap anywhere that you see a bulldozer. If you have enough hardware, you can rebuild that area. Once you do, the mayor will give you free coins. Rebuilding is the quick way to get enough coins to buy what you need.

13) Once you unlock the equipment store (the one in the upper left hand corner of the town), go in and buy the attack and defense boost as soon as you can afford them. They will add +3 to your attack and defense, but they can also be leveled up by defending against attacks and by attacking enemies. Each time that they level up, another +3 will be added to the stat that they boost.

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