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PPKP – How to load up on coins and free gems/diamonds

PPKP is a new beat-em-up RPG for the iOS and Android platforms. In this game, coins and gems are your lifeblood. Coins are the more common currency, and will allow you to buy most of what you need. Gems, or diamonds, are far less common – they are the premium currency of the game, but free gems can be had in this game, easily. Read on for some tips on how to get more coins and free gems in PPKP!

One way to get a lot of coins is to play the latest level, because the latest level has a tendency for a gold enemy to appear. When a gold enemy appears, they will take a lot of damage, but also deal out a lot of damage, so use your best combos against them to kill them quickly, and defend properly so that you don’t get hit. When you successfully knock them out, you get a ton of coins. Star them off with a 4-hit combo and then juggle them with the rest of the hits to farm coins.

Coin-farming the final boss is one of the most effective ways to get a ton of them. Do the same thing that you did with the gold dude. Hit the boss with a four-hit combo, and then juggle him with all of the rest of the hits. You’ll earn around 2,000 coins per hit. Keep this going for as long as you can and you’ll end up with a ton of easy coins each time you play against the final boss. The same trick works, on a lower-end scale, with any boss.

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Once you beat the car up, head out in to the world with the helicopter and tap wherever you see a bulldozer. If you have the right building materials, tap, and then reconstruct the area. Once you do that, rebuild the area. When you do, the mayor will give you coins as a reward. Beat more levels to unlock more rebuildable areas.

Any level that you beat will turn into an endless level when you are done beating the boss. The health-ups and the gold pigs will stop appearing, but you’ll get to grind and farm as many enemies as you want to in order to earn more coins. Go to one of these levels, see how long you can last, and if you can last a long time, you’ll earn a LOT of free coins.

Free gems are hard to come by in this game, but they do appear. Go to the park to the left of the city to find the people who will give you free gems. The guy with the App Store logo on his head will give you free gems for checking out two of the developers’ other games. The person on the left will give you free gems for rating the game. Other than that, that’s the only known way to get free gems.