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PPKP – Answers and Spoilers: Final Boss Guide, Man in black, the cat, airport boss, magic spells

PPKP is a beat-em-up RPG with a lot of confusing mysteries about it. Compounding these mysteries is that there is no dialogue at all whatsoever in this game – everything is explained in picture form, like an IKEA instruction manual, so you have to try to figure out what the pictures mean. Getting to and beating the final boss is confusing, the airport boss is confusing, and what the heck do the cat and the security guard/man in black do? Read on for answers to all of these in PPKP!

Getting to the final boss is an annoying grind, but it’s simple enough to understand the method. If you want to get to the final boss, you have to beat every other boss. Load up on building materials. Go to the helicopter and move to the right side of the map, then tap on the green building. You’ll have to build something called a Mazinger Z. Then when you build it, you’ll be able to fight the final boss.

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The final boss is tough as nails, but there is a way to beat him. You just have to understand counters, because counterattacking will do thousands of damage points, allowing you to beat the boss. Your regular attacks and your spells will do very little to the boss. Your counterattacks will have slightly later timing than they will in all of the other levels, so time them accordingly.

The airport boss is another tough one. The reason this one is nasty is because you will not be able to tell whether its attack is a kick or a punch by the glow in its eyes, because for some reason there is no glow in its eyes. What you have to do is watch its legs and arms. Whichever one it seems to be moving first, is the one you should block with. Counter with a punch for the arms, and a kick for the legs.

The security guard, or the man in black, stands in front of the jewelry store, and when you tap him, he says “….”. There is no secret reason for his existence unfortunately – he’s there to represent a high-class security guard because the jewelry store is an expensive place. Also, the cat on top of the restaurant will tell you about its dream of catching a mouse. That’s all the cat does – it’s there for decoration. No secret usage unfortunately.

The magic spells will be in a secret area in the dojo. To get to the secret area, go to the dojo and tap on the little door to the bottom left corner of the screen. When you do, you will be transported to another room of the dojo. Here, you can buy spells for gems, rather than for coins. Each of these spells has a different method of activation, such as dragging and holding a punch or a kick button. In the battle screen, the cool down meter will appear to the side of the punch and kick buttons, on the far left and right side of the screen. It will empty when you use a spell; when it fills up again, you will be able to use the spell again. Spells can be used without drawing any energy.