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PPKP – How to unlock all of the new characters, and new character explainer

PPKP does not just have one character – this game has a LOT of different characters. Unfortunately, when you first begin the game, only one of them is available for you to play with. Your character doesn’t come stock with any perks, but each of the new characters has a different type of perk. Read on for tips on the new characters, what they do, and how to unlock them!

The first character, and the cheapest, is the blonde guy. If you get the blonde guy, his bonus is that you will get 8% more refill on the junkyard cool down bar each time that you beat a level. This alone doesn’t help all that much but combined with the right upgrade items, it does help a lot.

The second one is that dragon character. If you buy this character, then when you play a current level with the barrels and oil drums, you have a 20% chance of finding a wooden box instead. If you find a wooden box, it will contain a medical pack inside it, which will give far more health than the red or blue pills will.

The black guy adds to your overall white exclamation point stat. We haven’t been able to figure out what this one does. The ninja will make it so that you have a high chance of getting bonus coins when beating an enemy.

The blue haired girl will add a total of 2 percent to your critical hit chance. You’ll know you landed a critical hit when the damage number appears black instead of white. The guy who looks like Ryu from Street Fighter 2 will make it so that your gold exclamation point stat increases. This stat will enable you to knock an enemy silly and stun them.

Each of these characters costs a different number of gems – between 200 on the low end for the blonde dude, and 2,500 on the high end for the Ryu clone. Unfortunately, paying gems for these characters is the only way to get them. If some secret method turns up, we will be the first to let you know, but unfortunately, this is the only known way.

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