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PPKP – Top 17 Tips, Tricks, Hints, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 2

12) When you unlock the Dojo, you will be given a PKPP combo for free, since that’s almost what the game is named after. This is good for dealing with punch-weak enemies. After that, the first thing that you should buy is the cheapest combo. That’s a KPKK combo, which is good for dealing with kick-weak enemies. This will also be the most useable combo as you move further along in the game.

11) And by further along in the game, we mean buying more energy drinks. When you buy an energy drink at the restaurant, you will add another move to every attack turn that you have. So instead of having four attacks per turn, you will have five attacks instead. And when you buy another energy drink, you will have six attacks. And so on and so forth.

10) To upgrade your buildings, first, you have to purchase everything that’s available inside of them – the exception being the restaurant, which will require you to buy the energy drink before the next upgrade is unlockable. This is where your stash of hardware will come in handy. As you upgrade buildings, new equipment, combos, and food will be available to buy (depending on the building). The only things that can’t be upgraded are the gem store and the junkyard.

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9) Want some free gems? There aren’t that many of them in the game, but to find them, go to your main city area and hit the left arrow. You’ll be taken to a park. Talk to the top character, and hit the share buttons for 10 and 5 gems, respectively – regardless of whether you follow through with the share or not. Talk to the star-rating guy and you’ll get another 10 gems.

8) If you have a lot of gems and you want to spend them on something, one of the best things to spend them on is the spells. To find the spell store, go to the dojo, and hit the little door in the bottom right corner of the screen. You’ll be taken to a different store. Watch the spells to see what kind of button motions are required to activate them before you buy them, so that you know how to make the best use of them.

7) Another thing that you can spend gems on is new characters. Hit up the door on the ceiling of the building that sits behind your character’s house. Tap on the door and you’ll go to the new character store. They all have their own specific bonuses, such as more critical hit power, better defense, or better ability to earn health from the oil barrels in the non-endless rounds.

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