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PPKP – Tips and Tricks Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

PPKP is a new 8-bit-style beat-em-up for the iOS and Android platforms. This game has absolutely no dialogue – you have to figure out where to go and what to do using pictures, kind of like in an IKEA directions pamphlet. Your goal is to beat up as many enemies as you can, earn gems and coins that you can use to buy food and repair buildings, and explore other areas of the city to do the same. Read on for some tips and tricks for PPKP!

Whenever it’s your turn to attack, you can attack four times with any combination of kicks and punches. Enemies will be strong against one and weak against the other. Certain types of enemies are always weak against one and strong against the other, so memorize which attacks will be stronger against specific types of enemies in order to finish the job faster. Once you get the glasses, check them in battle to see who is weak against what.

Blocking attacks is an art in and of itself. If you block right before the enemy’s attack hits, you’ll neutralize all damage and do a powerful counterattack. If your block is too early, you’ll throw up a shield instead, which blunts most of the damage. Block too late and you’ll just get smacked by the enemy’s attack. Watch for the enemy’s eyes to flash either blue or amber – blue means block with punch, amber means block with kick.

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You’ll need to smash the car in the junkyard in order to get parts to repair buildings. When you’re smashing the car, tap with as many fingers as you can fit on the button. You can reset the cool down after you beat up the car by playing two standard rounds. Or simply by buying a new car to smash with a small number of coins, although it changes to gems instead of coins later on.

Construct the buildings and you can get various services. For example, the monk in the bottom right building will sell you new combo attacks, including a PPKP combo. He gives you one for free – a punch dominant combo – and you can buy three others. Buy a kick-dominant combo first so that you have an even amount to use against enemies. Tap the little door in the corner of that shop menu to buy spells for gems.

Want to get more gasoline quickly? Gasoline is the energy of the game, and you have to either wait for more or use gems in order to get more. If you need a refill of gasoline without spending gems, go to the date and time on your phone and set it ahead, then go back to the game and the gasoline will be restored. One hour should do the trick. Then set it back to normal and go back to the game and the gasoline will still be there.

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Top 17 Tips, Tricks and Cheats for PPKP