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Survivor!.io: Reroll Cheat – How To Re-Roll, Revive, and Refresh For Free

Survivor!.io pits you against endless hordes and mobs of zombies, along with minibosses and bosses that are peppered throughout each level of the game. Because these levels can be so tough, you’re going to need the right combination of skills.

Often, when luck doesn’t go your way, this can make or break whether you actually beat a level or not, but there are ways to change your lack and get better skills so that you are better equipped to handle extra difficult levels. You can re-roll anytime you want to in order to get a new selection of skills without having to spend gems or watch advertisement videos.

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Read on for a guide to performing the reroll cheat in Survivor!.io!

To begin, first, start any chapter or challenge that you want to. Clear out monsters and continue collecting experience until you level up and are prompted to either upgrade a skill or unlock a skill.

Now if you get what you want right off the bat, then there is no need to re-roll. However, if you don’t like the selection that you have, then your best bet might be to refresh the skill selection. The first refresh of the chapter is free, but after that, they’re going to make you pay.

If you want to continue refreshing for free, then do the following.

First, close out of the game entirely. Don’t just minimize the game, but close out of the game completely in order to start the refresh cheat.

Next, open the game back up, and after it loads, you will be prompted to continue the battle that you were fighting before. The battle will continue from right before you leveled up, so after you collect a few stones, you will be prompted to pick a skill again. The selection will be refreshed instantly.

There is one time that you do not want to refresh, and this is if you have the key evolution that allows you to pick a skill right at the beginning of the level. Not only will you have a refresh available, since the game just started, but if you close out of the game and then re-open it, then you will forfeit the free skill at the beginning of the battle.

You can do this reroll cheat as many times as you want to before the battle ends. There are certain skills that are absolutely essential to victory, so if you don’t want to waste energy points, it is absolutely essential that you have the most optimized set of skills available for the battle.

Another good time to do this trick is right before you lose your last hit point. Close out of the game entirely, re-open it and then restart the battle, and you will have gone back a few steps, so that you will revive. Don’t wait until you lose your last hit point, though, or you will forfeit your rewards for playing the level, or your chance to revive by watching a video or paying gems.

One area where people certainly would love to reroll is when picking a chest and opening it for equipment. Unfortunately, this cheat does not work when it comes to purchasing chests or equipment from the store. It only works in regards to you picking new skills in the middle of a battle.