Skip to Content Potato Shooting – Skill Guide, Tier List, Best Loadout Potato Shooting is a massively popular survival shoot-em-up game for the iOS and Android platforms where you deal with endless hordes and mobs of zombies and bosses. you can earn banknotes and diamonds, as well as rare equipment and other currencies and upgrades. There are also countless different game modes that you can play, along with the ability to add friends and exchange gift, as well as Jean spicing and numerous other ways to upgrade your potato and your other heroes.

You have a number of different skills that you can pick up during battle that will enhance your ability to win. Some skills are far more useful than others, so we have created a tier list, a breakdown of the best loadout, and a guide to which ones are the best and why.

Continue reading for a guide to the best skills, best loadout, and tier list for Potato Shooting!

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To figure out what the best skills in this game are, whether you want the skills to be more focused on mobs, on bosses, or on both. In this game, mobs and bosses can be equally challenging, unlike most games of this type, where mobs Are the more powerful set.

As follows, we have put the following skills under the following tiers:


Energy Trap: places a circular electrical area on the ground that damages any zombie that gets near it. This is arguably the best way to deal with mobs because if you stand inside of it, they can’t get to you unless they shoot you.

Shuriken: Causes ninja stars to fly all over the screen. The ultimate is actually completely different; it transforms into Thor’s hammer, which acts like a whistling arrow and endlessly flies around, aiming at enemies and attacking them. During boss battles, it flies in a circle and the boss over and over, doing a proportionately high amount of damage to them.


Bowling Ball: This causes balls to fly all over the screen, and when they hit their target, they do more damage in one hit than any other attack, by far. Dealing with both mobs and bosses.

Black Hole: Causes one single black hole to bounce around the screen, damaging anything it touches and never going away. It does far less damage than the bowling balls, but can be a more useful way to deal with mobs.

Boomerang: causes one, or after power ups, multiple boomerangs to watch out from your character, hitting anything that’s in their path. They do a significant amount of damage, so there are pretty good way of dealing with mobs and mini bosses.


Drones: They shoot out some missiles, but not that many. At higher levels, they’re good for dealing with bosses.

Laser: Shoots out lasers that specifically target enemies, making them better for DPS damage, rather than area damage.

With these in mind, the best loadout starts and ends with the energy trap and the Shuriken, because they are the two best skills. Depending on the stage of the game that you are in, you will have a total of three or four skills available, so use the last slot on one of the A-tier skills, But especially the bowling ball due to the volume of damage that it can do, especially especially to larger enemies.

If you have already unlocked that slot, then fill it with the bowling ball and the boomerang. The boomerang does a massive amount of damage and is an extremely useful weapon for when you’re getting completely swarmed.