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Squad Busters – Hacks, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

Squad Busters is the latest game by Supercell for the iOS and Android platforms, with this game being a spin on the MOBA style of play. Your goal is to collect more gems than the other players, unlock new party members, upgrade them, and defeat your rivals.

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Continue reading for a collection of tips and cheats for Squad Busters!

Make sure to add new squad members to your team as quickly as possible. Must enemies and cut down trees, and destroy boxes in order to obtain coins quickly so that you can open chests quickly.

Additionally, be sure that your team is well rounded. You don’t want to fill your team with just tanks, or just range troops, or even just barbarians or other melee troops. Try to keep at least one tank, one DPS troop, one melee troop, and one medic for healing and fill out the rest of the positions in a well-rounded way also. you can also use multiple tanks to increase the longevity of your team, since tanks will absorb damage so that your other troops don’t have to.

Use the running power-up not only to quickly move from enemy to enemy or from chest to chest, but to run away from other players if they’re trying to attack you and your team isn’t strong enough to be ready for it. They’re also gonna try to run away from you if you try to attack them and they weaker than you, so if that happens, then be sure to use the running power up in order to chase them down.

The diamond mine that opens up during the last minute of the round can give you an astonishing amount of diamonds, but if your party isn’t extremely strong, then it might not be worth it. Your party has been weakened by a confrontation with another player, Then it might be best to stay away and instead focus on cutting down trees and defeating larger enemies in order to rack up diamonds and coins.

When you open treasure chests after the end of the round, you will earn cards to upgrade members of your squad. Cards and coins are all it takes to execute the upgrades, so be sure to keep them upgraded, because the more upgrades that you do, the stronger that your troops will get in all respects, especially when they evolve.

As you rack up coins, go to the shop and purchase more squad cards. This can allow you to unlock completely new squad members earlier than planned, and it can also expedite the upgrade of squad members that are already in your team. The faster that you can upgrade, the better you can do in competition.

You can unlock new areas of the game, new squad members, and new locations as you gain levels. Simply go to the Squad Journey Area in order to claim your prize. You can unlock the Desert World at level 15, Royal World at level 35, and Beach World at level 60. There are different prices that can be unlocked at every level you gain, culminating with the Squadron League Battle at level 90.

There are literally hundreds of different emotes that you can unlock. Some of them are unlocked automatically when you gain specific levels, while others come from prizes that you can earn in the Squad Journey area, such as the level 50 emote pack.

If you have a favorite creator who makes content about the game, then you can go to the Shop area and enter their creator code. While there are no explicit benefits given to you for using the code, it’s possible that some streamers and Youtubers might be able to offer discounts when you use the code for the first time.