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Squad Busters: Best Hero Guide, Tier List, Best Squad Formations

Squad Busters is the latest game by Supercell for the iOS and Android platforms, with this game being a spin on the MOBA style of play. Your goal is to collect more gems than the other players, unlock new party members, upgrade them, and defeat your rivals.

There are a ton of different heroes in this game, so it can be hard to figure out what the best ones are to use but some are definitely more effective than others. Plus, putting the right heroes into your squad can make or break a game and mean the difference between winning and losing.

Continue reading for a guide to the best heroes, a tier list, and tips on putting the best squad together in Squad Busters!


Witch: not only does she have a very strong range attack and moderately decent health, but she also summon skeletons to attack the enemy, allowing you to get far more attacks out of her than out of equivalent troops.

Heavy: A heavy gunner who has some of the best health and some of the best attack power in the entire game, plus range. One of the absolute best members of your squad.

Shelly: One of the best common squad members, she has good offense, good health, a ranged attack, and splash damage with the shotgun shelves that she fires. Best of all worlds.


Hog Rider: very strong on both offense and defense. Not quite enough to be either a DPS guy or a tank, but enough to be a little bit of both, plus, he gets a speed boost on grass.

Mortis: High health and decent attack, and he revives multiple busted monsters and adds them to your squad. Especially effective with large monsters.

Barbarian King: Just like the barbarian, but better in every way, including more health and more attack power. Additionally, he will increase the speed of all of your melee troops.

Archer Queen: same as the archer but with more health and better attack power. Additionally, she increases the attack speed of all of your range troops.

Penny: A pirate with an insanely powerful range attack who also occasionally discovers hidden treasure with coins, gems, keys, and more. Excellent pairing with a tank.

Medic: heals the entire rest of the squad over a period of time, allowing you to get far more use out of every other hero, although he should never be your primary troop. Health and attack power are fairly low.

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Tank: despite not being an actual tank, she actually drives tanks that are found around the map, massively increasing her power, range, and health.


Nita: Low attack power, moderate health, but the main strength is that she summons a bear. The bear is much stronger and functionally adds to second party member for the price.

Bea: Terrible health but amazing attack, the circle of bees is unique and very effective for a DPS character.

Battle Healer: boosts the health of every member of your squad by 400, plus she has good health and decent attack. The health boost makes a huge difference for your team.

Goblin: not only does he have better health and better attack than the barbarian, but he causes you to earn significantly more coins just by having him in your party, enabling you to increase the size of your squad rapidly.

Royale King: good tank with low attack and high health, but is extra effective because he deploy royal recruits that add to the power of your team.

El Primo: Attack power is fairly low, but his health is extremely high, allowing him to absorb damage while your other squad members attack.

Pam: surprisingly high attack and good health, plus, she builds a healing station where your entire party can heal.

Colt: his health is fairly low, but he deals a massive amount of damage at range. Pair him with El Primo to make the perfect tank/DPS combination.

Greg: His health and attack are fairly low, but he’s very useful simply for the fact that he can chop down trees, allowing you to earn far more coins and gems.

Wizard: attack is low and health is mediocre, but he allows you to pick up spells from monsters and to hold more than one spell at a time, which can sometimes be useful.

Mavis: decent attack and health but she also picks carrots for coins and gems, and at higher levels the carrots heal other party members.

Trader: Low attack, okay health, but gives two gems for every 15 coins collected. Not super useful because at the end of the round, that’s not a lot of gems.


Barbarian: Health and attack are both low, and he comes up far more frequently out of chests than is ideal, but hey, he’s the icon of the franchise.

Chicken: attack power and health are both weak, but he gives you extra turbo boosts, although this sometimes can seem a bit pointless considering you’re constantly getting extras anyways.

Dynamike: Very low attack power and low health, although ranged area damage can be useful against certain squads and enemies.

Bo: good range, mediocre attack, terrible health. Kind of hard to see what the point of this one is.

So what is the best squad for you to use? The exact make up of the team is hard to say because there is an unlimited amount of members that can be added, but overall, go for the highest tier characters possible out of chests, and go for a diverse team. You don’t want all tanks or all DPS times. at least one tank, one DPS type, one ranged type, one melee type, and one healer is the ideal, and then work around that when you get more than 5 team members.