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Earn To Die Rogue – Skill Guide, Tier List, Best Loadout

Earn To Die Rogue is a new side-scrolling bullet hell roguelike shooter for the iOS and Android Platforms that serves as the sequel to the original Earn To Die, an old-school mobile gaming classic. This game is all about destroying zombies, both with your car and with your human character, while earning cash, gold, rare and epic equipment, car parts and new cars, and a whole lot more. You can make your way through increasingly more difficult levels, pick up power ups as you progress through the stages, and more.

You have a number of different skills that you can pick up during battle that will enhance your ability to win. Some skills are far more useful than others, so we have created a tier list, a breakdown of the best loadout, and a guide to which ones are the best and why.

Continue reading for a guide to best skills, best loadout, and tier list for Earn To Die Rogue!

There are a massive amount of different skills that you can unlock in battle, and as you make your way further into the game, more and more of them will show up. In this article, we will attempt to rank them from most effective to least effective.


Beartooth Necklace: this makes it so that each kill increases your attack power. If you pick this up early in round, you will end up being unbeatable when you are later into the level, but if you pick this up later, it’s not very useful.

Basketball: this causes bullets and other shots to bounce off of the walls and ceilings. Paired with the ground laser and air laser, this is massively useful because it causes them to almost always be able to hit a target, allowing you to reign hellfire down upon zombies.

Dual Magazine: shoot an extra bullet from your main gun. Considering your main gun does by far the most damage out of all of your weapons, this is probably the most effective against bosses and enemies with high HP.

Match Stick: Burns all enemies around you in a Circular radius. They all take significant amounts of residual damage, and this all allows you to hurt them while still running away from them. Amazing area damage

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Nuclear Waste: any enemy hit with your main gun will melt, consistently taking severe amounts of damage over time. Extremely effective.

Gasoline: any enemy hit with your main gun will burn, consistently taking severe amounts of damage. Also extremely effective. Combine with Nuclear Waste for major residual damage.


Ground Lasers: lasers shoot sideways and either direction from you. These are easy to aim, and the basketball power up makes them far more effective.

Air Lasers: lasers shoot upwards and downwards. These are difficult to target, but with the basketball power up, they rebound off of the floor and ceiling and aim at any enemy that’s left.

Glass Heart: you lose 25% of your maximum HP, while gaining 25% attack.

Kinetic Junk: this causes wads of space junk to orbit around you, striking and damaging any zombie within their reach. The faster you move, the faster they spin, and when they spin fast, this does tons of damage.


Wanted Poster: The “wanted” enemy takes 35% more damage. This is especially useful when the boss is the wanted enemy.

Dynamite: causes enemies to explode after you take them out.

Firework: Causes enemies to explode into fireworks after you kill them.

Car Battery: shoots lightning out, doing very small amounts of damage to enemies, with lightning bouncing off of them.

Taser: A chance at stunning enemies that are hit by the main weapon.

Adrenaline: Speeds up attacks a little bit after a kill.

Dry Ice: Slows enemies down upon being hit.

Gr4v boots: lowers the gravity, allowing you to jump higher and fall slower.

J3t boots: Adds an additional jump beyond your usual single and double jumps that you can do.

Invisible Boots: makes you become invisible occasionally, but you can still take damage so it’s hard to see what the benefit of this actually is.

So what is the best loadout? There is no limit to the total amount of skills that you can equip, so start from the top of the skill list above and work your way down. The most effective are on the top, the least effective are on the bottom.

For easy victory against bosses, nuclear waste, gasoline, and matchstick are your friend. Anything that does gradual damage will make fights extremely easy, because the damage is dealt as a percentage of enemy HP, so the more HP the enemy has, the more damage you deal.