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Survivor!.io – Full Clan Guide and Walkthrough

Survivor!.io is a wildly popular roguelike for the iOS and Android platforms that has been around for a long time and it has maintain its popularity, and as such, the developers are constantly adding new features. When this came first came out, it was fairly sparse and minimalist, but now, it’s absolutely packed.

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One of these new features is the clan feature, which allows you and other players to organize into a clan, which is sort of like a guild where many players can fight toward a common goal. There are various benefits to doing so, such as benefiting from mutual activity within the game, the clan shop, clan assembly, a chat within the clan, and a whole lot more.

Read on for a full walkthrough of the clan mode in Survivor!.io!

Clans are a relatively new feature of the game, and they allow you to team up with up to 19 other players in order to engage in play as a group. You can team up with your clan mates to shop for special prizes, hope each other out in tough battles, and mutually reap the rewards from the activity that members of the group do.

When it comes to being a member of a clan, there are three different ways to do it. You can join a clan that already exists; you can either pick which clan you want to join, or you can simply have the game organize you into a random clan by auto joining. Auto joining is the best option if you only want the benefits of being in a clan, while searching for a clan yourself is best if you already know which clan you want to join.

The alternative is that you can start your own clan; while joining somebody else’s clan is free, starting your own clan costs 500 gems, which can be expensive. Starting your own clan is best if you want the leadership role, or if you have a group of friends that you want to engage in clan play with and your group is going in together on paying for the new clan.

If you are joining a clan that is run by somebody else, then pick your clan based on your style. You might want to join a clan that is hyper competitive and wants to be at the top of the rankings, or you might simply want to join a clan to make friends. You might even want to join a clan that Your friends are already in or are founding, just to have another way to play with friends.

Being the leader of a clan has different roles and responsibilities than simply being a member. As the leader, you can appoint up to two vice leaders. You can leave a clan that you remember at any time that you want to, but if you are the leader, you do not have the option of being the last leader to leave the clan. If you don’t have vice leaders, then you can transfer leadership to another member if you want to be out.

If the leader of a clan is inactive for an extended period of time, then the option exists for other members of the clan to take over the leadership role. If there are vice leaders, then the option will go to them first, or if not, then it will be up for grabs to any member of the clan. this makes it so that no clan can truly be abandoned, unless every single member of the clan goes inactive for an extended period of time.

When you are a member of a clan, all of the gameplay that you and your clan mates engage in is recorded as activity. While the shop is not available yet, this will earn you activity points, as well as the other members of the clan, and you will be able to shop in the clan shop for benefits.

Typically, these purchases have to be agreed upon by the members of the clan, and as the leader of the clan, you ultimately get more say in the purchases than other members well. This is one of the benefits common of paying that 500 gem clan fee.

The clan assembly area is another part of the game that is coming soon. In the clan assembly area, you and other clan members will be able to post requests for help. You will also be able to fulfill each other’s help requests, in order to help each other pass the tougher levels in the game.

You and your fellow clan members will also be able to engage in the clan chat. You can talk about whatever you want in the chat, and if you and your friends found a clan together, then you will be able to discuss stuff in this chat that you might not necessarily want to put into one of the mainstream messaging apps, or simply have a semi-secret space to blow off steam. or you can keep discussion strictly to the game.

If you are the leader of the clan, then you will be able to post notices that your fellow clan members can read. These can be for practical purposes, such as teaming up to take on an objective, or this can simply be for fun. If you have vice leaders, then they will also be able to post and delete notices.

In order to leave a clan that you are not the leader of, go to the list of members, and tap on the name of the top member, which is always you. Inside your profile, there will be an option to leave the clan, so tap that button and you will be asked if you really want to leave. If you do choose to leave, then there will be a 12 hour wait before you are able to join another clan or to create a clan of your own.