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Heroes vs. Hordes – Full Guild Guide and Walkthrough

Heroes vs. Hordes is an action packed roguelike bullet hell game for the iOS and Android platforms. there are many different types of gameplay contained within, from standard levels to special events, but one of the most popular later additions is guild gameplay. You can either join a guild or create your own guild, engage in guild play with other players, and earn all sorts of bonuses that normally wouldn’t be available in the other modes.

Read on for a full guide to guild gameplay in Heroes vs. Hordes!

The easiest way to engage in guild gameplay is to join a guild that somebody else has already created. In order to do this, it’s recommended to search for specific names, because the game usually suggests guilds to you that only have one member or are completely inactive. You can find far more active guilds with the search function.

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You can also create your own guild. Joining a pre-existing guild is free, but creating your own guild Costs 2000 coins, which is relatively cheap compared to the price that it costs in some other games. You can tailor your guild to exactly the type of players that you want in it, whether active or passive, or even invite your friends in real life to play in the guild. Of course, you can also give it a name in order to either cater to a specific subset of fans or to make it easy to search.

Even if you join a guild owned by someone else, though, if the leader has been inactive for a long time, you will have the option to claim guild leader ship. Leadership will automatically be given to you, and all of the guild benefits that have already been built up will transfer over to you.

When you are participating in a guild, you and your guild members can participate in various events together. These guild events allow you to earn guild tokens, and the guild tokens belong to the entire guild, not just one person. These guild tokens can then be spent on various things in the guild shop.

Participating in these guild events costs guild tickets. You can spend tickets in order to engage in these events, and you can even use guild tokens in order to purchase a boost so that your performance can be higher in the event.

Participation and success in these skilled events will earn you guild points, and each guild is ranked based off of the number of points that they have. Go to the guild rankings at any time to see how your guild stacks up against other guilts across the game.

Some of the smaller guild purchases can include battle boosts such as jewels, as well as hero orbs and other various smaller types of bonuses. Save up your tokens and rack up a ton of them, though, and you can make bigger purchases, such as purchasing a peloton or another hero. These bonuses will go to all members of the guild, not just one person.

You and your clan can also engage in the guild chat and type fairly freely. This may especially be of interest if you and your clan members know each other in real life or our friends, or if you want to discuss battle strategies and other things. If you are the leader, you can also post announcements here.