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Castle Age HD for iPhone: how to get free favor points, demi points and guild coins

Castle Age HD is the brand new adaptation of the Facebook game of the same name, including being based off of the same storyline as the Facebook version of the game. It is even able to link up to your Facebook account, so that no matter where you are and what platform you prefer, you can get your Castle Age gaming on. In both games, your premium currency is favor points, which you can use to buy stuff from the Oracle or get from the Oracle himself. Demi points are a premium currency that get you special items from the demigods and guild points, also known as guilt coins, get you even more special items. So how do you get all three? Read on!

There are a couple ways to get free favor points in this game, aside from the 15 favor points that you start with when you first begin playing the game. One of these ways is whenever you level up. Each time you gain a new experience level, you will gain one favor point. Achievements are not yet in the game though, but once they get put into the game you will be able to earn them for each new achievement you pull off. When they get put into the game, they will be in your Keep.

Demi points are earned in two different ways. The first way that they are earned is to get a blessing from a demigod. This can be done up to once per day and will earn you 100 of the particular deity’s demi points. Another way to do it is to earn bonus demi points in a battle against another player. Look at the symbol by your opponent’s name to figure out which deity’s demi points you will get in the battle.

Guilt coins, or guild points are earned in guild battles. You get 1 guild point for every 100 battle participation points you get, with a 10 percent bonus if your guild wins the battle. In order to maximize guild points per battle, fight against bigger guilds, but make sure that you can still beat them.

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