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How to play Crazy Tribes for iOS and Android (part 3): Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to part 2 of the Crazy Tribes beginner’s guide. Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

When you’re in the map area, you will see a number next to every base, including your own. The number, or how many “points” each base has, reflects how upgraded their buildings are. Your points is the combined total of the level of all of your buildings. Each time you upgrade a building your point total increases by 1. It generally means nothing for mutant bases, since they’re all level 38-40 anyways. It’s not an indicator of their troop strength, though, so to figure out how many troops another player has, you still need to spy.

When you attack, it will take a certain amount of time for your troops to march over to another base, and then the battle will last exactly 10 minutes. After that, it will take the same amount of time for your troops to return to your base as it took for troops to march over there originally.

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If you defeat someone else’s army and send 1,000 ammo over, you will be able to take over their base and make it another one of your bases. It’s possible to have an unlimited number of bases in this game, as long as you have enough ammo, and taking over someone else’s base makes it much quicker and easier to build up your troops and resources. Your goal should be to try and take over as many bases as you possibly can.

Head over to the Clans tab and you will be able to search out a clan and join them. If you are already a part of a clan, you can go over to the clan tab to check out the stats on your clan, who your clan is allied with and what their position in the overall rankings is, how many total points you have, and talk to other members of your clan on the clan forums. This is great for strategizing, as a clan with a strategy can destroy almost any lone-wolf single player. Clans can send troops and supplies back and forth, and use strategies such as turning a base into a regional headquarters for the whole clan.

Check out the messages area and you can send and receive messages from other players, as well as from the developers of the game. Check out your profile tab and you can see your own ranking (determined by the points of all of your bases added together), options in the game, your water canister total, and other relevant statistics.

That’s all for the beginner’s guide to Crazy Tribes! Happy strategizing!