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Guide to Crazy Tribes for iPhone and Android: Tips, tricks, cheats, hints and strategies

Welcome to the tips and tricks guide for Crazy Tribes, the new MMO strategy game by the makers of Lords & Knights. This new iOS and Android game, which should also appeal to fans of Kingdoms of Camelot: Battle of the North, puts you in charge of collecting resources, training troops, and using teamwork to dominate the entire landscape of the dystopian desert setting, taking over kingdoms in the process. Read on for tips and tricks to Crazy Tribes!

When you want to farm for resources or ammo, a good way to do so is to attack a mutant base using only 3 scouts and 1 pickup. They will get there quickly, win the battle easily (since mutant bases are basically just areas for farming – they don’t have any real attack power). Send them over and they’ll load up on metal, gas and plastic, which you can then go to the HQ and trade for ammo. The more scouts and pickups you have, the more mutant bases you can farm at the same time.

When you are attacking another base using two bases of your own, you need your troops to arrive within 10 minutes of each other in order for them to work together. Sometimes, the marching times will be off, and your troops will actually get there quicker than the marching time shows, so time the marches yourself. Send one example of your slowest planned troop and then time their march. Recall them immediately afterwards, especially if it’s a valuable troop that you have. The time that you take down will be the REAL marching time from your base to the enemy base, so use that to time your marches to coordinate multiple troop movements to the same base.

This doesn’t really matter too much if you are simply farming resources from a base, because the whole point is to make sure that if you are sending 1,000 ammo combined from two bases (enough to take over the base), that you don’t end up mistiming the marches and wasting all of the ammo that you send by accident. To time them even better, send troops from the second base to the first base (along with the necessary ammo) and then when they get there, send the whole squad of units and ammo from the first base to attack.

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