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How to play Crazy Tribes for iOS and Android: Walkthrough, FAQ and Beginner’s Guide

Welcome to the beginner’s guide to Crazy Tribes! This new MMO strategy game by Xyrality, the makers of Lords & Knights, puts you into the middle of a dystopian desert world where you and many other tribes fight not only for survival, but for domination. Your goal is to build up your base, raid and take over mutant bases and even other players’ bases. It’s like one giant game of Stratego or Risk. but much more complex and more fun. If you have questions about Crazy Tribes or you just want to learn a little bit more about the game, read on, even if you are not a beginner!

When you first open the game and start off, make sure to pick the right country for your language. Later, though, you can always restart it and start a new account in the correct server if you pick the wrong one. Hit the button that looks like a play button and you will be taken to your brand new base, where everything is at level 1.

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Once you get to your base, you will have all sorts of buildings to choose from, all of which you can upgrade using the resources (Metal, Gas and Plastic) that you start off with. Your HQ is where you store your premium resources (Iodine, Ammo and Water Canisters). Your Arsenal is where you train troops. Your Atomic Cafe is where you can send troops out on peacetime missions that involve gathering resources.

In your lab, you can research new technologies which will help with battle and with resource accumulation. Your protective wall increases the defense of your city by adding a defense bonus to any troops that you have stationed there. In the Black Market, you can trade gas, plastic and metal for Iodine or Ammo, or trade them for each other, as well as train more supply-carrier troops, such as pickup trucks.

Your Metal Foundry, Plastic Factory, and Digestion Tower will automatically earn you metal, plastic and gas, in that order. The metal store, the plastic store and the gas balloon will allow you to store your metal, plastic, and gas. The Biodome is where the food is grown, and allows your resource-gathering buildings to run at full speed.

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