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Crazy Tribes for iPhone and Android ammo and iodine (part 2): Even more ways to get tons of ammo and iodine

Welcome to part 2 of the guide to getting ammo and iodine in Crazy Tribes. Click here to go back to part 1 of the Ammo, Iodine and Water Canister collection guide for Crazy Tribes.

There are more ways to supercharge your ammo and iodine gains, besides those which are listed in the previous part of the article. Just as well too, because iodine and ammo are both very necessary – iodine for doing scouting missions, and ammo for taking over other bases (you can only take over another base if you use 1,000 ammo – using any less for any reason whatsoever is simply a waste of ammo). One of them is to do the following. First, you need to have more than one base to make this one work. Any number of bases is okay, but after you have at least two bases, do the following.

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Use both of your bases to earn plastic, metal, and gas, and to send your troops and pickups out to nearby mutant bases (or abandoned bases that used to be run by other players) on farming missions. While you are doing this, upgrade your Black Market and your HQ over and over at one single base, so that you don’t have to spend tons of resources on upgrading both of them.

Then, when you get your Black M and your HQ market up to a high level, such as 7-10, start using your pickups to send your resources over from base 2 (the one without the high level black market and HQ) to base 1 (the one with the high level black market and HQ). Then, once they get there, use your excellent exchange rate (from all of the upgrades) to stock up on iodine and ammo.

Of course, if you don’t mind using more resources, another alternative is to simply upgrade both of your black markets to high levels and use both of them to barter your resources for ammo and iodine.