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Crazy Tribes for iPhone and Android: How to get more Iodine, Ammo and Water Canisters

In Crazy Tribes for the iOS and Android platforms, your main resources are food, gas, metal and plastic. However, you also have what you might call “premium” resources, consisting of Iodine, Ammo and Water Canisters. They can’t be acquired on an hourly basis like the main resources can, but they are more valuable than the main resources. These three resources are important for when you battle against other players or against mutants. Read on to find out how to get more of all three!

There are a couple ways to get more iodine and ammo. One way, though it is costly, is to trade for them on the Black Market. You can acquire either iodine or ammo in exchange for gas, plastic and metal. Initially, your exchange rate is 1 Iodine for 8 plastic, metal or gas, while for Ammo it’s 1 in exchange for 75 plastic, metal or gas; however, each upgrade that you do on the Black Market improves the exchange rate in your favor.

To increase the number of Iodine and Ammo that you can store, upgrade your HQ. Initially, your HQ can hold 1,000 Ammo and 1,000 Iodine. Each time that you upgrade the HQ, though, that maximum increases by an additional 1,000 for both numbers, up to 15,000 for a level 15 HQ. You can get even more Iodine and Ammo by either having somebody in your clan send it to you, or raiding it from a base. In addition, if you have two bases, you can ship them back and forth.

There is only one way to get more water canisters, and that is to buy them with real life money. You start off with 30 water canisters, however, so make sure that you use them wisely. Water canisters can be used to speed up missions or the building and upgrading of your buildings. To buy more of them, go to the HQ, click on Water Canisters, and then you’ll have a choice of spending options, ranging from a 1 dollar package to a 99 dollar package.

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