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Motor World Car Factory for iPhone: How to easily earn more coins fast

In Motor World Car Factory, your job is to build your very own car company, with the main focus being on the factory. In this game, sometimes, things can get very expensive. Coins are your primary currency, and are the easiest to earn. It doesn’t cost a whole lot of money to build the cheap cars, such as the Bendy Coupe and Wagon, but it costs a lot of money to research new technologies, to build expensive cars, and to hire the best engineers as your employees. Read on for some tips and tricks to find out how to get more coins!

This easy method of earning more coins works whether you are just starting out the game, or you are farther into the game. Very early on in the game, you’ll unlock the Berliner Donk, which looks like a BMW with 40 inch rims and a massive lift kit on it. This car costs 8,900 coins to build, but when you sell it, you will earn gigantic profits of thousands of coins in a short amount of time.

Keep building the cheaper cars, load up the dealership with them, and raise the prices slightly to increase your profit margin. Add all of the extras as you become able to afford them, until you finally have the 8,900 coins necessary to build the Berliner Donk. Then, build one Berliner Donk (it doesn’t matter just yet whether or not you have enough money to add all of the extra options to it) and sell it, and you’ll end up with (if you priced it right) 14,000 to 15,000 coins, which is a HUGE profit on an expensive car.

Keep building Berliner Donks, and once you are able to, start putting more than one at a time in your dealership, adding all of the options when you can afford to do so so that they sell faster. By the time you have enough money to put 4 at a time in your dealership you’ll be making MASSIVE amount of coins. Do this with any other more-expensive cars that you unlock, as well.

Another easy way to raise your income is to build new buildings in the spots to the right of the dealership, which you can use to coin-farm by collecting from them every so often. The first Tuner Shop is free, and then other future buildings range from inexpensive to very expensive, but will earn you coins as time goes on, as well.