Jungle Heat – FAQ, Walkthrough, Wiki and Beginner’s Guide, Part 3

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Welcome to part three of the Jungle Heat beginner’s guide! Click here to go back to part 2 of the guide.

Every time that you beat someone in battle (another player), you will earn one medal. If someone else beats you in battle, they will take away your medal. The global rankings are based on who has the most medals, both by individual and by clan, so try to earn the most medals as possible.

Later on in the game, and with a lot more gold, you will be able to build the lab, which will allow you to level up troops that you already have, thereby increasing their stats. When you level up a troop, they will have far better stats than they had before, and this is applied to the troop even if they have already been trained and are just sitting in the rally point waiting to fight.

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Any time that you send a troop to battle, even if they do not get killed. they will be expended. You can put troops in the queue in the barracks, and immediately after you begin the battle, they will start training in your base as you fight. Also, you can send in less than the maximum number of troops, and if you do this, then the troops that you hold back will still be in your rally point when you return from battle.

Even though there are no “quests” in the game, there are achievements that you can complete, which you can view by tapping on the “achievements” button right below your experience point counter. If you see an exclamation mark by the button, then achievement prizes are ready to claim, which include diamonds (the premium currency of the game) and experience points. This is the only way to get free diamonds in this game.

Your clan HQ will allow you to join a clan and engage in clan warfare. You already have a clan HQ in your base, but it needs to be repaired before it can be useable. Tap on it once you are ready to repair it, and once you have enough oil to repair it. Once you are in a clan, you and your clan can start competing in the global rankings. Participating in the tournament can earn you and your clan a reward of free diamonds, in exchange for the coins that it costs to enter the tournament.

That’s about all for the Jungle Heat beginner’s guide! Enjoy the game!

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