Jungle Heat Tips and Tricks Guide, Part 3: Even More Hints, Cheats and Strategies

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Welcome to part three of the Jungle Heat tips and tricks guide! Click here to go back to part two of the guide.

Once you get to a high enough Command Center level where you can build two or three rally points, they might end up taking too much room in your base for you to fully surround your city with walls. In this case, leave the rally points outside of the walls, since attackers don’t gain resources from attacking them. Either that, or leave other non-resource-providing buildings, such as the barracks, outside of the walls to make room for your rally points, since losing the rally points means losing any troops that have been trained up.

Level up your barracks as quickly as you can, so that you can start unlocking the tougher troops. Bombers destroy walls extremely quickly and gunners will destroy enemy gun towers, which will give you a whole new element of strategy and a new “first attacker” that you can send in to soften up the enemy defenses before you send your spies and slashers in to raid for resources.

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Once you start unlocking the Pyros, Black Hawks and Iron Storms, though, forget about all strategy. Fill your rally points with these advanced troops, and send them in all at once to make VERY short work of other bases. Most bases can be destroyed by only one Black Hawk or Iron Storm, both of which are nearly indestructible (although Iron Storms cannot attack Defdrones once they rise into the air).

Whenever you get attacked, try to attack whoever attacked you as soon as possible in order to get revenge on them, and try to score as many victories as you can in order to offset the defeats. The more victories that you score, the more medals that you get, which will give you more points in the global tournaments.

This last part is important especially if you have are a member of the clan (which you can become once you build the Clan HQ). Figure out which strategy works best in order to maximize the amount of victories. Maximize the number of barracks and rally points that you have so that you can train your troops as quickly as possible, so that you can constantly go from attack to attack, racking up the medals and putting your clan over the top.

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