Jungle Heat – Attack Strategies: Part 2 of how to destroy any base in the game

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Welcome to part two of the Jungle Heat attack guide! Click here to go back to part one of the guide.

Players are always more likely to place mines in their bases, so send in a couple of slashers or spies to get rid of the mines. Once you unlock the Gunners, send them in first in order to get rid of the protection from a long distance. Send a bomber or two in to blow holes in the walls. Then send in your spies to target the resource buildings.

Once you unlock hornets, send them in first instead of gunners, so that they can make short work of the protection buildings. If the base has flying drones, send in riflemen or (later on) pyros or any other air targeting troop to deal with them. Once you unlock pyros, though, you can forget about most strategy and simply flood the enemy base with pyros to make short work of them. Once you have Black Hawks and Iron Storms, send them in and they will be almost invincible, meaning forget about strategy – just overpower your enemy easily.

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Maximize the amount of troops that you can send in by building more Rally Points, and upgrading the Rally Points that you already have. Speed up your training ability by building and upgrading more Barracks, and use them to train troops simultaneously. To unlock the ability to build more Rally Points and Barracks and to upgrade them higher, upgrade your Command Center.

You will need to maximize your gold and your oil too, so build and upgrade more gold storage and oil storages. Do the same thing to your markets and your oil rigs to increase the amount of each that your own base will produce without having to invade other bases.

Finally, once you upgrade the command center to level 10, you will be able to upgrade your pre-existing troops to higher levels, which will increase all of their statistics, and make every battle that you fight easier. Keep your strategies in mind still, but modify them as needed in order to take advantage of your new, stronger versions of old troops.

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