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Cat Tennis – Tips, Cheats, Walkthrough, and Strategy Guide

Cat Tennis is a ridiculous new game for the iOS and Android platforms that is exactly what it sounds like: you play tennis against a cat. Your goal is to last as long and score as many points as possible. You can play on easy difficulty, medium difficulty, and hard difficulty, and compare your score against your friends and against other players from around the world.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks for Cat Tennis!

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In this game, once you hit the start button, the tennis match begins. You can drag your finger across the screen to control the racket, and your goal is to aim the racket properly so that you can hit the ball back to the cat. The cat hits the ball every time, so your goal is simply to hit the ball back as many times as you can without missing.

Each time that you hit the ball back successfully, you earn one point. Just like with Flappy Bird, your goal is to rack up as many points as possible by getting as many hits as possible. Then your high score will be saved, and you can compare it to your friends and to worldwide players in the leaderboard.

Put the difficulty to the medium setting, and you will play tennis against a dog instead of a cat, changing the game to dog tennis. The difficulty increase here comes from the speed of the ball; the ball will move faster from the dog to you, and also from you to the dog.

If you put the game to the hard difficulty setting, and the dog goes away and the cat comes back, and the game becomes Cat2 Tennis. In this mode, the ball goes extremely fast, almost like a ping pong game. You’re going to have to move your fingers extremely quickly in order to keep up with the ball in this mode.

Right now, the leaderboard only tracks the best overall score in the game, so obviously, the best way to put a high score on the leaderboard is to play the game in easy mode. Play the game in a hard mode for a bit, though, and the easy mode will all of a sudden seem very very slow, and very very easy. This will make it much easier to set a high score, at least until the developers split the leaderboard into three leaderboards for the three difficulty levels.

Be sure to keep an eye on any future updates to the game, as well, because the developers may also add more difficulty levels to the game. Expect them to also add other bonuses, such as more animals, possibly more balls, and whatever else they can think of.