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Tennis Clash: Strings Guide – How To Get More and Rarer Strings

Tennis Clash: Fun Sports Game on the iOS, or Tennis Clash: 3D Sports on Android, feature all kinds of enhancements for your characters and your equipment; however, one of the least-known, most expensive, and most esoteric enhancements is to the strings of your tennis rackets. Strings are one of the least-understood and most-expensive elements of your equipment.

You start off with basic Nylon Strings, but you can get Swallow Poly, Maestro Multi, Joker Cards, Toro Twine, Punisher Gut, and Siberian Wire strings. One play of the game uses one set of strings, and any set of strings other than Nylon Strings gives your character superpowers, essentially.

Read on for a full guide to earning and unlocking strings in Tennis Clash!

Nylon Strings are the most common, obviously, but they give you no powers. If you play frequently, you can still use up so many of them that you start to run out. Luckily, the game will give you ad videos in order to restore your strings for free if you run out.

All of the other types of strings give you, essentially, superpowers. You can see other players using them because their character will start to flash, dart across the court at superhuman speeds, and hit balls that they have no business being able to hit. But there are a ton of powers, and you can take advantage of them for yourself.

The following are the powers that new strings afford you:

LONG CATCH: Allows you to speed across the court to return a hit that you normally wouldn’t be able to.

CRITICAL: Gives you a chance at knocking a devastating shot against another player.

QUICK CATCH: Increases your chance of getting a return at super close/point blank range.

STAMINA SHIELD: Gives you extra stamina during one match.

BACKHAND COUNTER: Increases precision and accuracy when your opponent hits a backhand strike.

FOREHAND COUNTER: Increases precision and accuracy when returning a forehand strike by your opponent.

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Swallow Poly gives you Tier 1 Long Catch and Critical. Maestro Multi gives you Quick Catch and Stamina Shield Tier 1. Joker Cords gives you Long Catch and Stamina Shield Tier 2.

Toro Twine gives you Quick Catch and Critical Tier 2. Punisher Gut gives you Backhand Counter and Critical Tier 1, and Long Catch Tier 2. Siberian Wire gives you Forehand Counter and Critical Tier 1, and Long Catch Tier 2.

You can earn these advanced strings by unlocking rare bags, including the Points Bag, Grand Bag, Elite Bag, and King Bag. You can also buy them using gems, although they tend to get VERY expensive if you buy a lot of them. So unless you are a whale, use them wisely.

When should you use a special string? Use them when you get matched up against a player with a lot more stat points than you have. You can tap to use a random advanced string right before the beginning of the match, so you will be able to see the stats of the opposing player before you start the match against them.


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