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Tennis Clash: Guide Part 2 – Advanced Tips, Cheats, and Strategies

Here are some of the more advanced tips, hints, and cheats that we’ve discovered for Tennis Clash: Fun Sports Games for iPhone and iPad, also known as Tennis Clash: 3D Sports for Android! Click here to go back to Part 1 of the Tennis Clash Walkthrough, Tips, and Cheats Guide. Specific strategies to use against […Read More]

Tennis Clash: Tournament Guide, Tips, and Strategies

Tennis Clash (known as Tennis Clash: Fun Sports Games on iOS and Tennis Clash: 3D Sports on Android) is a hugely popular new tennis game with all kinds of game modes, ranging from tour to tennis. The tournament mode is the last mode in the game to unlock, and it’s one of the most confusing […Read More]

Tennis Clash: Strings Guide – How To Get More and Rarer Strings

Tennis Clash: Fun Sports Game on the iOS, or Tennis Clash: 3D Sports on Android, feature all kinds of enhancements for your characters and your equipment; however, one of the least-known, most expensive, and most esoteric enhancements is to the strings of your tennis rackets. Strings are one of the least-understood and most-expensive elements of […Read More]

Tennis Clash: How To Get Rare and Epic Equipment

Tennis Clash, known as Tennis Clash: Fun Sports Games on iOS and Tennis Clash: 3D Sports on Android, is the most popular tennis game in the history of mobile devices, and for good reason; it’s challenging, it’s fast-paced, and there is a lot of upgrade potential. You can unlock all sorts of new characters and […Read More]

Tennis Clash: Unlimited Coin Cheat – How To Tank For Endless Coins

Tennis Clash: Fun Sports Games on the iOS, and Tennis Clash: 3D Sports on the Android, are two names for the same game, Tennis Clash. It’s one of the most difficult sports games on either platform as you face off against more advanced players constantly in fast-paced tennis action, often requiring you to upgrade your […Read More]