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Survivor!.io – Tech Parts Guide – How To Get More and Best Tech Part Builds

Survivor!.io is a modern day classic mobile game for the Android and iOS platforms where your goal is to get through endless hordes of zombies and monsters in chapter after chapter of play. The game gets difficult extremely quickly, which is why it is important to have many different ways to upgrade, pieces of equipment, and available attack strategies.

Tech parts are a new type of equipment that has been added to the game that can provide a huge boost to players by increasing their attack power and their hit points. They also have the same rarities as your other pieces of equipment, and can be merged together in order to increase the rarity tier. Plus, at high enough rarities, tech parts can also provide boost to different active weapons skills during battles.

Read on for a guide to tech parts, how to get more of them, how to get the most out of them, and how to best use them in Survivor!.io!

The simplest thing about tech parts is getting more of them. There are two primary ways to acquire more tech parts. One is to complete the daily challenge every single day.

When you beat the daily challenge, you will automatically receive tech parts as one of your level rewards. Not only that, but you will also be able to open chests for each miniboss and boss that you defeat, similar to the normal levels. Each of these tests will contain either a single tech part, or multiple tech parts.

Additionally, in the daily store, usually there will be at least one slot filled with tech parts that you can purchase using gems. Many times, these tech parts are also green tier, or even blue tier, which are far more rare and valuable.

You’re going to collect a lot of tech parts overtime, so make sure to merge them in order to make them more powerful. Just like your regular equipment, your tech parts, offer a gray tier, green tier, blue tier, purple tier, gold tier, and red tier. This equals out to normal, better, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic tiers.

The method is far simpler here than it is with regular equipment. Three tech parts of the same tier will merge into the next highest rarity. Gray becomes green, green, becomes blue, blue becomes purple, and so on and so forth.

Before you hit the purple tier with your tech parts, you can simply equip them based on rarity, because each rarity adds the same amount of hit points or attack power. Make sure that you are equipping the rarest of what you have.

Once you make it to the purple tier, though, the decision about what to equip becomes a little bit more complicated. This is because at the purple tier, each tech part has a specific effect on a specific weapon skill. Then, at the red tier, this tech part will have an effect on the evolved form of that same skill.

As follows, here is a list of the perks offered by each tech part at both the purple tier and red tier, the skill that they perk, and what happens to the skill:

Conduction Device: at purple, this allows you to collect the boomerang after you throw it in order to reset it’s cool down. At red, this causes the Magnetic Rebounder to generate an electrical field and do area damage to enemies.

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Hi-Maintainer: at purple, this will decrease the cool downtime of the RPG. At red, this will cause the Sharkmaw Gun to fire two missiles at the same time instead of one.

Energy Collector: at the purple tier, this will shrink the size of the forcefield, yet double the damage that the forcefield does. At the red tier, this will allow you to gain extra experience points from enemies of that are knocked off by the force barrier.

Exo-skeleton: at the purple tier, this will double the knockback distance of the Guardian. At the red tier, this will cause the defender to spread out and retreat, increasing the range of damage and protection.

Nanobot: at the purple tier, this will cause the durian to stay closer to you than it otherwise would. At the red tier, this will cause the spikes of the Cal drops to influe bleed damage, which will cause enemies to suffer, consistent damage even after getting hit.

Phase Converter: at the purple tier, this will cause the lightning emitter to released two more lightning bolts than that otherwise would have, no matter the upgrade level. At the red tier, this will double the size of the shock, wave created by the supercell.

Quantum Polarizer: at the purple tier, this will increase the damage done by the soccer balls by 30%. At the red tier, this will cause the quantum ball to last for one more second each time.

Precision Device: at the purple tier, this will cause the missiles released by both drone types to home in on enemies. At the red tier, this will increase the explosion radius of missiles released by the destroyer.

Energy Diffuser: at the purple tier, this will cause the fire released by the Molotov to spread. At the red tier, this will cause the fuel barrel to inflict deep wounds, which caused extra damage the next time that an enemy takes a hit for awhile.

Gravity Controller: at purple, this causes the brick to pierce through everything. At red, this causes the 1 ton weight to spin when it’s released.

Antimatter generator: at purple, this increases the flight speed of the drill shot by 30%. At red, thisreleases a second whistling arrow.

Annihilator: when I upgraded to the purple tier, this causes the laser launcher to slow enemies down. When I upgraded to the red tier, this causes the death ray to snare enemies, or to trap them inside.