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Heroes vs. Hordes – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Heroes vs. Hordes is a new Roguelike survival game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game differs from some of the big players in the mobile arena, such as Survivor!.io, by using multiple characters, shorter waves of action, and a different variety of moves, but just like those games, you can earn gold and gems, rare equipment of multiple tiers to power up your character, and more.

Read on for a tips and tricks guide for Heroes vs. Hordes!

This game starts off really easy and stays that way for a while, but don’t let yourself be caught off guard; after somewhere between 10 and 15 chapters, it will instantly go from very easy to very difficult, and if you haven’t been upgrading or have been wasting your upgrades, you’re going to end up getting stuck.

If you do get stuck, and you need to get more equipment or upgrade the equipment that you currently have, then one of the best ways to get gold coins is to go back to all the levels and play them. You can play any previous level that you want as long as you have the energy to do so, and grinding is one of the best ways to earn coins. between the coin rush and unlocking new star levels of enemies defeated in the collection, this is a great way to earn bonuses.

Each of the heroes uses a different type of weapon, so pick your hero based on what weapon they use and their maximum hit points, as well as their difficulty level. Each hero has the same basic attack power, and attack power is upgraded both by your equipment and by talents, which transfer from one hero to the other.

The best early hero is arguably the knight, because his sword does a wide variety of area damage, allowing you to slay multiple enemies at once, even before you level up and unlock attack skills. Once you get to a later point in the game and can unlock more heroes, the best one is the spirit shaman, because the beast that it summons will automatically attack enemies and collect experience, meaning that all that you really have to do is run around behind them and use your attack skills to take out enemies that they miss, as well as heal them.

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Be sure to unlock all of the talents that you can; the talent unlock is completely random, but for a decent amount of time, it will be worth the gold. After a while, the talents will become more expensive than they’re worth, which is when you should focus on upgrading your equipment.

Equipment is organized by tiers, from gray, to green, purple, to gold, to red. The rarer that the equipment is, the more of an effect that it will have, so be sure to try to go for the rarest equipment that you can, and when you spend gold to upgrade your equipment, focus on the rarest equipment first.

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Gems can be a bit hard to come by in this game, but there are ways to earn them for free. Complete quests and unlock chests in order to earn free gems. Additionally, each day you will be able to watch an advertisement video on the main screen in order to earn 20 free gems at a time.

There are plenty of limited edition events that happen on a frequent basis, so be sure to participate in them daily, or as often as possible. These events are the absolute best way to earn a large amounts of coins, lots of extra gems, and other rewards, Such as limited edition equipment.

After you unlock the knight, level up your talents to a high-level, and have enough rare equipment, you’re going to want to see if your coins and go for the spirit shaman, because not only is it arguably the best hero in the game, but she’s also one of the few heroes that you can unlock using coins. It takes 250,000 coins to unlock her, but considering how effective her attack is, it’s worth it.

You can try out any hero that you want before you unlock them. All that you have to do is go to the hero menu, pick a hero that you have not yet unlocked, then tap on the go button at the bottom of the window. This will let you play a practice round, using the hero, so that you can test out their attack and see if the style matches what you like.

Whatever hero you choose, if at all possible, try to equip a full set of equipment that goes with the hero. If you do, you will get a major boost; however, don’t sacrifice your equipment rarity too much in order to equip the full set of equipment, because the statistical downgrade, it can possibly be severe enough to make the game more difficult, even with the boost.

It can seem difficult sometimes to earn a large amount of coins with the coin rush, but if you want to maximize the amount of coins that you earn, the best way to do so is to unlock the Vampire Aura and Flame Wheel talent evolutions before you get to the coin rush. Both of these attacks will fully surround your character and do massive amount of damage, and the Vampire Aura will also heal your character. These will take care of a majority of the goblins for a while, and earn you thousands of coins in the process.

When you are picking your active skills, the best way to go is to pick with mobs in mind, not with bosses in mind. Mobs are almost always unequivocally harder than bosses; often bosses are the easiest battles of the entire round. You can far more easily defeat bosses with AOE weapons than defeat mobs with DPS weapons.

As you play through more chapters and unlock new levels, you will also unlock new skills and toes, but newer doesn’t always mean better. Sometimes, the old Classics are the ones that are the most effective, not the new ones. Test all of the skills that you unlock to see which ones are your favorite and are the ones that you want to keep.

After the guild play unlocks, unless you are trying to start a guild of your own, be sure to join a guild that is full of active players that have not a banding to the game. You and your fellow guild members can not only earn massive bonuses by participating in guild play and raid battles every day, but you can also send and request various items in order to help each other out.

Filling out the collection, which we have referenced a little bit earlier in this guide, is one of the best ways to not only earn bonus coins, but to earn free gems, which are very difficult to come by in this game. You can collect rewards in the collection area whenever you come across a new enemy, or boss, a new tome or skill, or whenever you defeat enough of one particular enemy to increase your star level with that specific enemy.

Once you unlock chapter 21, you will be able to embed your equipment with jewels. Jewels will augment the statistics of the equipment that you already have, often times, adding new perks beyond what the equipment gives. Try to fill all of your jewel slots just like you tried to fill all of the equipment slots early on.

You can also go to the gem cutter, which serves the same function for jewels as the blacksmith did for equipment. This allows you to merge identical jewels in order to get a jewel of the next highest rarity. This also unlocks when you reach chapter 21.

If the game is giving your phone performance issues, then one option that you can do is to go to the settings menu and turn off the performance sticker. This will decrease the graphics and the frame rate a bit, but if the game was previously overloading your phone or tablet, chances are that it no longer will be.

Most people who play this game tend to play without spending any money, but if you are the type of player that likes to spend money and make in-app purchases, then be aware of all of your options before you spend anything. Go through the store menu, and look at all of what special packages are available; these special packages of swap in and out very frequently, so, if you don’t like what’s available, then you can always look again some other time.

If there’s a day, where you don’t plan to play the game, be sure to briefly login anyways. If you can keep your login streak going, then you will be able to continue to increase your coin bonus, claim your free rewards, and claim other bonuses as well.

The weekly quest completion chests can be extremely lucrative, with the final chest even giving you 100 free gems, along with a ton of other bonuses, so save up your resources, whenever applicable so that you can get as many weekly points as possible by using your resources to complete quests all within the same week. Once the week is over, these quests will reset, so be aware of the time.

Be sure to look at the special holiday offers whenever they come up. Many of them contain purchase offers, but many of them will also give you massive amounts of free rewards; the recent Thanksgiving event, for example, gave away 200 free gems.

Martin Thorne

Friday 11th of August 2023

Heroes vs Hordes is a very good game both to look at & play I've only been playing it for 2 days & my only gripe so far is that the weapons become available randomly....sometimes this randomness can affect the effectiveness of whichever character I'm using apart from that it's quite literally early stages yet....I already figured out that you need to re-repeat the stages you've already done in order to harvest coins to buy "talents" & other items I'm slowly & steadily upgrading my knight & the fire wizard will be my 3rd choice after the spirit mage