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Heroes vs. Hordes – Tips, Cheats, Tricks, and Strategy Guide

Heroes vs. Hordes is a new Roguelike survival game for the iOS and Android platforms. This game differs from some of the big players in the mobile arena, such as Survivor!.io, by using multiple characters, shorter waves of action, and a different variety of moves, but just like those games, you can earn gold and gems, rare equipment of multiple tiers to power up your character, and more.

Read on for a tips and tricks guide for Heroes vs. Hordes!

This game starts off really easy and stays that way for a while, but don’t let yourself be caught off guard; after somewhere between 10 and 15 chapters, it will instantly go from very easy to very difficult, and if you haven’t been upgrading or have been wasting your upgrades, you’re going to end up getting stuck.

If you do get stuck, and you need to get more equipment or upgrade the equipment that you currently have, then one of the best ways to get gold coins is to go back to all the levels and play them. You can play any previous level that you want as long as you have the energy to do so, and grinding is one of the best ways to earn coins. between the coin rush and unlocking new star levels of enemies defeated in the collection, this is a great way to earn bonuses.

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Each of the heroes uses a different type of weapon, so pick your hero based on what weapon they use and their maximum hit points, as well as their difficulty level. Each hero has the same basic attack power, and attack power is upgraded both by your equipment and by talents, which transfer from one hero to the other.

The best early hero is arguably the knight, because his sword does a wide variety of area damage, allowing you to slay multiple enemies at once, even before you level up and unlock attack skills. Once you get to a later point in the game and can unlock more heroes, the best one is the spirit shaman, because the beast that it summons will automatically attack enemies and collect experience, meaning that all that you really have to do is run around behind them and use your attack skills to take out enemies that they miss, as well as heal them.

Be sure to unlock all of the talents that you can; the talent unlock is completely random, but for a decent amount of time, it will be worth the gold. After a while, the talents will become more expensive than they’re worth, which is when you should focus on upgrading your equipment.

Equipment is organized by tiers, from gray, to green, purple, to gold, to red. The rarer that the equipment is, the more of an effect that it will have, so be sure to try to go for the rarest equipment that you can, and when you spend gold to upgrade your equipment, focus on the rarest equipment first.

Gems can be a bit hard to come by in this game, but there are ways to earn them for free. Complete quests and unlock chests in order to earn free gems. Additionally, each day you will be able to watch an advertisement video on the main screen in order to earn 20 free gems at a time.

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