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We Are Warriors! – How To Load Up On Free Gems

We Are Warriors! is a wildly popular game where you control little cartoon characters that represent different civilizations, defeat your enemies, and then move on in order to defeat tougher enemies. You can earn orbs and gems in this game, with gems being the green, premium currency of the game. Gems allow you to do things such as purchase equipment, so that you can power up all of your characters with cards and other bonuses.

Cards are a necessary thing to have in order to advance forward, and the only way to get more cards is gems, so naturally you’re going to want to get more, but everybody wants to try to avoid having to spend money in real life. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to get free gems in this game, so we’re going to go over all of those ways.

Read on for a full guide to earning free gems, and lots of them, in We Are Warriors!

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There are many ways that you can get free gems in this game, but at the beginning, the choices are limited. You will be able to watch two advertisement videos per day, and when you finish with each one of them, you will be awarded 100 gems apiece. After that, the videos will stop being available, but they will come back the next day.

Additionally, you have five daily quests that you can complete each day. When you complete one of them, tap it in order to earn free gems as a reward. Be sure to complete all five of them every day, then come back the next day so that you can get your next five quests.

The first special stage that you will have available to you is the zombie rush, which you can use to earn free gems. You can beat the levels for free twice per day, and then you get two more plays per day by watching advertisement videos; if you lose, you get another free play, so you are basically guaranteed four wins. Be sure to use all four total plays each day to maximize your gems.

Make the most out of your gems by making smart purchases. Never, ever, ever purchase one card at a time, because you will almost always draw a common card, and it will typically be a clone of a card that you already have. Always purchase 10 at a time, not only because you will earn more cards for less total gems spent, but you are drastically more likely to earn rare, epic, and legendary cards, as well as unique cards that you don’t already have.

When you reach the fourth timeline, you will unlock special events. Events are limited time quests that you can participate in, and either try to reach milestones, or try to rank against other players. You will earn free gems for playing these; the higher that you rank at the end of the event, or the more milestones that you complete before the end of the event, the more gems that you get.