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We Are Warriors! – How to get Rare, Epic, Legendary, and Mythic Cards

We Are Warriors! is a wildly popular game where you control little cartoon characters that represent different civilizations, defeat your enemies, and then move on in order to defeat tougher enemies. Cards are the backbone of the gameplay here, because they boost your attack power. Not only do they increase your attack, but as you get cards of a higher rarity, you can get secondary bonuses as well, such as increases to your health and to your defense. The higher the rarity, the bigger your boost will be, by a longshot.

Cards vary in rarity from common to rare, epic, legendary, and mythic. The higher the rarity of the card, the more of a boost that you get from it, and the more the boost increases when you level the card up, but the more rare that the card is, the tougher than it will be to find.

Read on for a guide to getting rare, epic, legendary, and mythic cards in We Are Warriors!

So how do you get more rare cards? The first thing you need to do is stop buying cards one at a time. If you purchase only one card at a time, it will almost always be a common card, and it will usually be one of maybe two or three cards. If you purchase cards 10 at a time, not only will you spend less rooms, but you are more likely to earn different cards, rare cards, epic, legendary, mythic cards, and beyond.

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As we have previously gone over, there are only two options for card packs that you can purchase; one of which is buying a single card at the time, and the other which is buying 10 cards at a time. Every single card rarity can appear in both card packs, but you have a far higher chance of finding epic, legendary, and mythic cards hiding in 10X card packs.

As of right now, there is also no way to merge cards or trade cards in, in order to get cards with a higher rarity. If you want rare cards, simply keep opening 10x card packs until you find epic, legendary, and mythic cards. Open enough card packs, and you will find them eventually.

You can either pull a unique card that you don’t have, or duplicates of a card that you already have. If you pull a duplicate, then that’s not necessarily a bad thing; duplicates of value to level up a card and increase the boost that you get from it. The more duplicates that you pour, the more you will be able to boost your card.

When you get duplicates of a card, that card will be eligible to level up. The higher the level required, the more duplicate that it will take. You don’t have to spend anything to increase the level of your cards, you just have to have enough duplicates and you will be given the option to level up for free.