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We Are Warriors! – Walkthrough, Tips, Cheats, and Strategy Guide

We Are Warriors is a massively popular game for the iOS and Android platforms by Lessmore, the same developer that became famous for the wildly popular restaurant game Eatventure. You play as fighters from throughout the ages, and you can summon warriors to defeat rival warriors, unlock new characters and evolve, while earning coins and gems. you can earn and upgrade cards, use multipliers to increase the amount of damage that you do, fight through dungeons and events in order to earn rewards, and more.

Keep reading for a collection of tips and cheats for We Are Warriors!

When you start off the game on the caveman level, your performance will seem completely hopeless at first, but the whole point is to earn coins by grinding, and the coins can then be used to upgrade. The best upgrade is the one that allows food to build up faster, so that you can summon more troops against the enemy. Increasing the hit points of your base is minimally helpful, and the money is generally better spent on your food upgrades.

In each era your beginning troop is essentially your infantry, with the first one that you unlock being your shooter or your range troop, and the third one being the tank that can take a lot of damage, and usually deal heavy damage, but also has a low firing rate. At the beginning of the particular age, send in your infantry, and when able, send in two or three at a time, especially when you are starting off the round. Sending in multiples at the same time will allow them to last longer and deal more damage.

You will be able to earn cards, which increase the amount of damage that you do, among other boosts. You can earn common, uncommon, rare, epic, legendary cards, and more, and the more rare that the card is, the more additional side boosts that you get in addition to damage boosts. Never purchased one card at a time, because you will only get duplicates of common cards; only purchase ten cards at a time, for a higher likelihood of getting rarer cards

Once you unlock the shooter, send them in behind your infantry, and once you unlock the tanks forget the infantry altogether and send in the tanks in front of your shooters. The tanks can soak up loads of damage, while the shooters deal massive amounts of damage in the background and are kept safe from harm. The exception is the ages where your takes do ranged damage as well; in that case, forget the shooters and only send in the tanks.

You have six different ages that you can evolve through, and then once you beat the last one, you will be able to evolve onto a different timeline. When you do this, everything will start back over again completely, except that each of the ages will have a different name; for example, instead of starting at the caveman age, you will start at the Paleolithic age. There is literally an unlimited amount of timelines that you can play in, with higher and higher challenges in each one.

Once you evolve onto the second timeline, you will unlock the first dungeon. Dungeons allow you to take on specific challenges in order to earn gems if you win. There are many other ways to earn free gems in this game as well, and as you continue to move on to higher timelines, more of them will unlock.

In addition to the cards that you have, you will be able to unlock skills, runes, and hero equipment as you move further into the game. Skills are moves that you can use once per battle, and at the highest level, you will be able to equipp three skills at once. You can use black potions in order to earn more skills.

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Runes are items that boost your statistics and give you secondary boosts, similar to cards, but instead of being random, you can use red potions to purchase rooms. They also linked together in a sort of skill tree, so unlocking rooms can allow you to be able to unlock more rooms, and they will also affect every card that you have.

Hero equipment allows you to boost the health of your heroes. Similar to cards, zero equipment can be leveled up, or you can earn rarer hero equipment as you go in order to boost your health by even more.

For more advanced tips, be sure to check out the guide to loading up on free gems in We Are Warriors, as well as the guide to earning rare, epic, legendary, and mythic cards. You might also like the full unlock guide, where you can learn about everything that you can eventually unlock.


Sunday 28th of January 2024

Oh, come on, stop playing this game. the free version relies on constant ads, ALSO DURING GAMEPLAY.They can be turned off by entering offline mode, but then it takes 4 hours to develop the caveman. who has so much time to play this? I need something light when I'm waiting in line to see the doctor. If I have to sit for 4 hours, I change the doctor. and I'm giving up on the game.