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We Are Warriors! – Full Unlock Guide: How and When You Unlock Everything

We Are Warriors! is a wildly popular game where you control little cartoon characters that represent different civilizations, defeat your enemies, and then move on in order to defeat tougher enemies. You can jump through all sorts of timelines, moving forward through various timelines as you win battles and defeat enemy civilizations, and as you move forward through the timelines, you can unlock an unusually high number of gameplay features. There are tons of them in this game, some of which you may have already read about, or if you are an experienced player, some of which you are already using.

Read on for a guide to unlocking literally everything in We Are Warriors!

The first thing that you can unlock in this game, aside from the modes that you begin the game with, is the Zombie Rush, which you unlock in the second time line. This allows you to play special dungeons a limited number of times per day in exchange for free gems. Additionally, there are more dungeons that unlock in Timeline 7 and Timeline 15.

When you make it to the third timeline, you will unlock your first skill, which is an attack, boost, or other sort of move that can be used one time per level. These can make an absolutely massive difference in battle, and you can equip different skills depending on your preferred battle strategy and depending on which trips you have unlocked in the current timeline. Black potions are the currency that allows you to unlock more skills.

Once you hit timeline six, you will be able to unlock a second skill equipment slot, and once you hit timeline 10, you will be able to unlock a third skill equipment slot. Adding more skills to your equipment last not only can give you a massive advantage in battle, especially in the dungeons, but Tim allow you to change your strategy as you see fit, depending on how you want to play it.

When you make it to timeline seven, you will unlock runes, which give you various boosts and multipliers, and they link together in a skill tree, meaning that unlocking more runes is a semi linear process, with new runes unlocking each time you purchase a new rune. You can also level the existing runes that you already have, in many cases, although some runes do not have the ability to gain levels. Red potions are the new currency that you unlock that allows you to attain more runes.

At timeline 15, you will unlock hero equipment, which allows you to boost the health and other statistics of the heroes that you send out during battle. Just like with the cards, you can attain different rarities of equipment, as well as level or equipment, so the better the equipment that you have, the more of a health boost you get.

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