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We Are Warriors! – How To Beat Battle 6 in All Timelines

We Are Warriors! is a wildly popular game where you control little cartoon characters that represent different civilizations, defeat your enemies, and then move on in order to defeat tougher enemies. You can jump through all sorts of timelines, moving forward through various timelines as you win battles and defeat enemy civilizations, with a total of six civilizations per timeline. Battle 6 is often the toughest one to beat, but we have a number of tips to set you up for success.

Read on for a collection of tips and tricks to winning battle 6 in every timeline in We Are Warriors!

In order to meet battle 6 on any timeline, the first requirement is that you have to evolve your characters to civilization six as well. Once you have a ton of cards that have been upgraded and leveled, including rare and epic ones, then you might be able to get away with using civilization five in order to win battle six, but if you’re that far into the game, then you’re probably not reading this article. To beat battle six with a fairly normal number of upgrades, you need to evolve to civilization six.

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Start off battle 6 the way that you would start off most any other battle, which is grinding in order to upgrade your food production. Get as far into the battle as possible, earn coins, Upgrade the food production, and then use it to produce more troops so that you have a better shot of winning.

Like any other battle, you generally start off with your basic infantry as the initial troop, unlock a shooter as your second troop, and unlock a tank as your third troop. For the most part, your best chance of winning the battle is going to be using your tank. When you have enough cards and your cards are upgraded to a high enough level, then there may actually be a shot of winning using only your shooters, but you’re going to need your tanks, for the most part.

Generally, the order that enemies come out in is infantry, infantry, infantry, shooters, infantry, shooters, tanks, a huge block of infantry, a huge block of shooters, and a huge block of tanks. Send out the absolute minimum number of troops possible in order to be able to deal with the initial infantries, and let your food collect while you do that. Once your food is at a high enough level, send out a mass of troops all at once.

This doesn’t mean to send out an infantry troop though, once your tanks are unlocked. Send out a single tank, as late as you possibly can before the initial infantry reaches you. Let the tank cruise through as many initial infantries and shooters as possible. When the food builds up, send out as large of a group of tanks as you possibly can.

Every day, you have up to two advertisement bonuses that allow you to collect a large amount of food at once. Don’t waste these advertisement bonuses before battle six. Instead, use them in battle six, after you have unlocked tanks and plenty of food production upgrades.

If you have been doing all of this and still can’t win, then it may be the case that you simply need more cards. If that is what’s happening, then use every method that you can to collect free gems, save 950 of them, and purchase 10 cards at once. Purchasing 10 at a time will make it far more likely that you earn rare, epic, legendary, or mythic cards, as opposed to just one card at a time.