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Sea of Conquest: Pirate War – Full Gift Code List and Guide

Sea of Conquest: Pirate War is a new game for the iOS and Android platforms by Funplus, where you play as the pirate Henry Hell. You can explore new landscapes, earn gems and resources, get new ships and load up your crew, and more!

One of the best ways to earn free stuff (since you literally have to basically do nothing) is using gift cods to get fee stuff. Gift codes can be entered, along with your account name, and the rewards sent to you for free.

Read on for a list of gift codes and how to get a lot more of them in Sea of Conquest: Pirate War!

Unlike most of the other games out here with gift codes, which can be entered in-game, you have to go to a separate website and enter them for Sea of Conquest: Pirate War. That website is Go here, type your character ID and the gift code, and then go for your reward.

Some of the best places to search for Gift Codes include the Sea of Conquest Subreddit. Search both the English and the non-English versions, depending on what languages you speak. When players post them, they are most likely to share them again here.

Discord and Facebook can be excellent sources for them, as well. When you get to the Discord chat, type in “gift codes” in the search bar. When you get to Facebook, scroll down the feed and see if the devs have posted any codes of their own.

When the developers celebrate an anniversary event or some other kind of special event (holiday, etc), often they will release a series of gift codes and pack codes to follow. So follow them and look for special gift code releases.

Oftentimes the codes will be very limited edition, so you have to act fast when you see them. Usually they are only available for around 24 hours. Once they’re gone, you have to wait for another one to get released.

Other times, though, the codes will last a long time; some codes even last for up to a year before they expire. Still, you want to enter them as quickly as possible, so that you can get the rewards and make use of them.

Make sure to bookmark this page, too, so that if you want to know if any new ones are out, you can look here for codes to test, use, and get rewards from.

Here is a list of the following gift codes that have been revealed so far for the game:




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Check back for more of them! Be sure to check the comments as well, because players will often post new codes that they see, if we haven’t gotten to them yet. If you have a gift code that you haven’t seen us post yet, then be sure to write a comment of your own, as well.