Galaxy Reavers 2: List of Gift Codes and How To Find More of Them

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Galaxy Reavers 2 is a new space MMORTS for the iOS and Android platforms that follows up 2016’s original Galaxy Reavers. You can build ships, collect Krypton and ship parts, and turn your fleet into a veritable empire.

You have a lot of different rewards that you can get in this game for completing various quests and missions, but one of the main things that you can do to get free rewards is take advantage of the free gift codes that are given out. Enter these, and you can earn stuff for nothing.

Read on for a list of free gift codes, how to enter them, and how to get more of them in Galaxy Reavers 2!

First, to enter the gift codes, you need to do the following. Get through the tutorial until you’re able to tap buttons freely, then tap the settings button (the gear-shaped button in the top right corner).

Once you are there, tap on the Gift Codes button, and a pop-up box will appear with a text entry box. Type the code in, then hit the exchange button in order to get the reward.

So, how do you find more codes? The first place to look will be the official social media pages associated with Galaxy Reavers 2, since the developers will often give out gift codes as a player reward, or as a promotional tool.

Don’t just check Facebook, though. Check their Twitter, Instagram, or other social media pages, and even look for some unofficial sources.

Speaking of unofficial, check out Reddit and go to the Subreddits for either Galaxy Reavers or Galaxy Reavers 2. Look for people posting codes, or look for responses in threads where people ask for codes.

Check out any Discord that has to do with the game as well. Go to the Discord and hit the search bar, then search for “gift codes” or just “codes” in order to look for more codes to redeem.

Look for any streams that are related to Galaxy Reavers 2, and for a game like this, there should be many. Look for streams that advertise codes in the title, as when a streamer has codes to give away, they will advertise it, since it’s one of the best ways to draw in new viewers.

Right now, being that the game is so new, there are no known gift codes being offered yet. Be sure to keep checking back though; we are constantly looking through all of our sources to find new codes. Bookmark us and be the first to use the codes as we find them!

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