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Second Galaxy: Walkthrough, Cheats, Tips, and Strategy Guide

Second Galaxy is a new space MMO for the iOS and Android platforms by ZlongGame, which had previous released Laplace M and Langrisser Moible. In this game you can choose from one of many races and classes in the galaxy, explore a virtual world, and engage in ship-based battles against enemies.

Your base alone is a full-featured area where you can build internally, manage a hangar full of ships, recruit more crew, and more. Plus, you can load up on minerals, credits, and iridium in the process, along with microchips and other necessary supplies.

Read on for some tips and tricks for Second Galaxy!

The first thing to know, because it’s the first thing that happens in the game, is how to pick your characters depending on your playing preference. There are four factions, and while their differences matter less later on in the game, they matter more early on. Second Galaxy’s factions are the Economic Community of Dawn, the Neo-Europan faction, the Oracle Empire, and the Republic of Svarus.

The Economic Community of Dawn contains the quickest and fastest ships, as well as being more effective with short-range attacks, making them great for hit-and-run. Neo-Europans are the tanks of Second Galaxy with the highest defense. Oracle Empire simply allows you to mow down enemies from any range with lasers that can be locked onto an opposing ship. Svarus have the best long-distance fighting capabilities.

As far as the classes go, soldiers can do faster research in weapons for your ship, and for production of goods. Engineers do the energy-related research quicker. Scientists do defense-related research faster, as well as ship production research, while Explorers do signal-scanning research faster, as well as ship engine/propulsion research.

Early on in Second Galaxy, you have to go through a long tutorial; from then on, start off completing as much of the story as possible early on. The main story operations tend to be the ones that will earn you the most experience, as well as credits. They’re easy to beat early on in the game, so ride them out for as long as you can.

While you’re doing primary missions, side quests, or whatever, always try to have some sort of research going on. Research takes a lot of time, so while it’s completing, you can go off and do other things. Then when it completes, start another one. If you’re knocking out chapters at the same time, you’ll have plenty of minerals and credits left by the time it’s time to start new research.

You’ll get supply cases as you finish quests, when then have to be decrypted in order to earn you all sorts of rewards. Decryption takes time, therefore this is another thing that you can set up, and then knock out more story stuff while you’re doing this. Try to keep both decryptions and research going all the time, so that you can load up on rewards quickly without having to spend your Iridium.

As you add more Wingmen by recruiting them, you can send them out on mining missions to load up on minerals. This is one of the idle missions that they do, and like research and decryption, you can do other things while your wingmen are mining. Manage time and set up as many tasks as possible in Second Galaxy.

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Any time that you change out one of your ship’s weapons or abilities, make sure to go and read the description, then test it out in battle to see for yourself what it does. Don’t be afraid to use it in an inconsequential battle. This is how you learn how to best use your weapons and how to put them to better use later on.

Your five ship types are battlecruisers, battleships, cruisers, destroyers, and frigates. It’s good to have a blend of them. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses.

Battlecruisers are very slow but every other stat of theirs tends to be sky high. Battleships are super slow tanks with slow speed, but high everything else – very simple to use. Cruisers are medium-speed with balanced stats. Destroyers are the second fastest, and are good attackers, allowing you to do good hit and runs but giving you the freedom for other strategies. Frigates are extremely fast, but also fragile, and are best for more advanced players.


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