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World of Warriors – Top 20 Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategies, Page 4

5) Use the boost potions for an extra boost in a tough battle.
The boost potion will completely circumvent the accuracy of the tap when you launch an attack, and will instead boost your damage beyond the “perfect” rating and up into nearly critical hit territory. Save these potions for boss battles, portal battles and other tough ones that you will need extra help with.

4) Only go as high as you know you can beat when you are in the tower.
Be a little more conservative in the tower, and look at experience levels of your opponents before you decide how high to do. If you lose a level you will lose all of your rewards, but if you stop at a certain level, you will keep all of your points and rewards that you earn. You can always enter again later.

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3) Keep an eye out for the PVP and the Western Door to become available.
The Western Door in the temple, which is locked, will most likely be an area where you can get rare rewards, in exchange for a currency that is specific to the PVP mode. PVP is coming soon (as of the timing of this article), but the developers have not been specific as to when it’s coming.

2) Watch out for the duplicate warriors in the epic door.
There is no point in spending a ton of money right now to get rare warriors – just use the Tapjoy. As of the time of this writing, the game has not been updated yet, and a glitch that many people are finding is that there are a lot of duplicate warriors that come out of the door in the temple. So until the first update, keep this in mind.

1) More ways to get free Wildstones
Complete collections of warriors of a specific kind (such as caste warriors, etc) and you will earn Wildstone bonuses. Also, complete the achievements and you can earn either free wildstone or free honor stones for doing so.

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