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World of Warriors – How to get more warriors

World of Warriors is an RPG where you get to collect warriors from all over the world, from all across the time spectrum, ranging from the days of ancient Ur all the way to the last of the elite fighters before the advent of gunpowder. Your goal is to collect all of the warriors, but what do you do when it seems so difficult to get even ONE warrior without spending real life money? Read on to find out how to get more warriors in World of Warriors!

The main way to do so and the way that is the most obvious is to go to the temple and open the central door – the red one, the Door of Epics. To open the Door of Epics, you need ten wildstone. In exchange, though, you get a 100 percent chance of getting a rare or super rare warrior.

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Opening the honor door only costs five honor stones, and most of the time when you open it, you either get a potion, a talisman, a scroll, or some other item that is not a warrior; however, every once in awhile you’ll open it and get a warrior in return. Make sure to collect a ton of honor stones so you get a better shot at this.

Duplicate warriors have been known to be a fairly large problem when opening the honor door. The only recourse here is to wait for the developers to release an update to the game. Right now it is fairly new, so this is a recurring problem, but when the next update comes out, expect the problem to be isolated. There are 84 total warriors so theoretically you should have a 1 in 84 chance of earning any one of the warriors.

The west door is something that has not been added to the game yet. However, when it does get added, chances are that it will be yet another way to win more warriors. Considering that PvP has also yet to be added to the game, one can imagine that the West Door is opened with some kind of PvP-only currency that has yet to be introduced.

Head to the tower and play in the competitions there for a chance at earning more warriors. In the global leaderboard, the only ones who will win an actual fighter are those who finish between rank 1 and rank 999; however, many more will be able to earn wildstones, which, of course, can be spent on more fighters.