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World of Warriors – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide, Page 1

World of Warriors is a new game by Moshi Monsters veterans Mind Candy Ltd. This one has the collectible elements of that one, but in this game you collect cartoonified versions of real-life warriors from around the world, who would be insanely intimidating if you were to meet them in person today. Your goal is to fight through the wildlands, collecting gold, red wildstones and blue gems, and defeating every other warrior you meet. Read on for some tips and tricks for World of Warriors!

Food is your energy source in this game, and food automatically regenerates after a certain amount of time, but each battle costs you food as well. To regenerate your food right away, all you have to do is go to the date and time menu on your phone or tablet and set the time ahead by however much time you need to collect your energy. Then go back to the game and you can fight all over again.

The same trick works for the training too – to finish it right away, set the time ahead and then go back to the training ground. Note that if you use the time lapse cheat for restoring energy it will automatically reset itself whenever you set the time back to normal, causing you to lose your energy and your cooldown time to skyrocket. However, if you train a warrior, collect them and then reset the time, your warrior’s training will still be done.

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With any of the warriors, know when to use them and their special moves. Fire beats plant, plant beats wind, wind beats water and water beats fire. Match your leader up based upon which of your fighters has the most advantageous element in that particular battle, and you will have an easier time beating even the tough fights.

Stuck on a stage? Go back to any of the older, easier battles and fight them to grind for experience points for your warriors. When they are ready to level up, take them to the training area, train them and then go back to the difficult battle and fight it again, and you should have an easier time winning.

The simplest yet most effective tip is to time your attacks right so that you get a perfect rating. This goes for both your normal and your special attacks. Also, try to have at least one healer on the team. Save up mana so that you can call upon his healing attack when needed, especially when you have a rare fighter who does the brunt of the fighting.

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