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World of Warriors – Tips, Tricks, Cheats and Strategy Guide, Page 4

When you are opening the doors in the temple, especially the door of epics, one common problem is that duplicate warriors are very common. For now, all that you can do is save up your wildstone and wait until the game is updated in order to update the odds and fix them up to be what they are supposed to be, which is 1/84 per warrior due to there being 84 warriors. No need to waste money or wildstones.

Plenty of free wildstones can be had though. Go to the temple and hit the “Get more” button to bring up a Tapjoy offer wall that you can use to complete free offers for wildstones. You can complete paid offers too, which will earn you FAR more wildstones per dollar spent than directly purchasing wildstones in the IAP store. So if it’s money you’re spending on the game, go here first.

There are plenty of offers that you can complete for honor stones, too, which will earn you more honor stones per offer, and includes videos that can be watched for free honor stones. They’re in the same location as the wildstone offers.

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If you want to load up on free wildstones or honor stones without having to mess with the offer walls,then the best way to do so is to go to the tower and compete for points. Score as many points as you can in order to rank as high as you can and then if you rank high enough, you will earn wildstone and honor stone as a reward. Honor stone is earned between rank 5000 and 9999. Wildstone is earned between rank 1 and 9999.

Be sure to max out your wildstones on the free offers as much as possible BEFORE you start fighting so that you can load up on rare warriors beforehand, or at least as many rare warriors as you can, so that you can maximize your battles per amount of grog used.

If you are trying to figure out a good way to spend your gold, go to the store and start loading up on Talismans. Fighters with higher star rankings will be able to equip more talismans, and really, there is not much else to spend your gold on if you are done with upgrades or with training your fighters, and talismans can be swapped out as you see fit.

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