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World of Warriors – How to train and upgrade your heroes

World of Warriors is a new fighting RPG that contains 84 warriors (and counting) for you to collect and battle with. Your heroes come with a 1-star to 7-star rarity level, but what’s little known is that you can evolve your heroes, no matter how many stars they begin with, to 7-star. Read on to find out all about training and upgrading your heroes in World of Warriors!

The first step is to increase your hero’s experience until their experience bar fills up. This is mostly done by fighting in battles. Any hero that is in your active party during a battle, whether they actually fight or not, will gain experience points. Generally, the more difficult the fight, the more experience is gained. Experience potions can also be used to increase a hero’s experience bar.

Once it’s to the top, they won’t level up right away. Instead, you have to go to the home camp and train them. You have one training area at a time, and you can unlock a second one by paying 10 wildstones. Put them in and they will train for a set amount of time. Take them out when they are done.

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If you don’t want to wait for them to finish training, and instead want them to be done instantly, then set the time ahead on your phone or tablet, and then go back to the game and collect them from the home camp. Then once you collect them, you can set the time back to normal and go back to the game, and everything will still be good.

Upgrading is how you evolve your hero to the next star rating once their level is maxed out. Their maximum level is denoted by the black number in their profile, with their white number being their current level. Max out their level and their experience bar and they can then be “upgraded” by sticking them into the “Upgrade Warrior” door. This costs both gold and other goods, such as Gold Ingots and Silver Ingots.

Once they finish upgrading, just like with training, you can go and collect them. The experience level will drop back down to 1, so you can level them up quickly afterwards. Just like with training, you can cheat the upgrade time by setting the time ahead on your phone or tablet, as well. The trick works the exact same way here.