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Bitcoin Billionaire – Top 20 Tips, Tricks, and Cheats, Page 1

Bitcoin Billionaire is the wildly popular new game for the iOS that gives you only one thing to do, and that is to become insanely rich off of bitcoins. You have two ways to do so, and a whole hell of a lot of ways that you can lose huge chunks of your income, making the game more difficult than it might seem at first. Luckily, there are plenty of ways to excel at this game. Read on for the top fifteen tips and tricks for Bitcoin Billionaire:

20) Tap using more than one finger at a time to make the most money possible.
You can tap with one finger, but two fingers are better, and four fingers are even better than that. The game reads up to two fingers on the screen at the same time, so the best way to go is to alternate two fingers on each hand, as fast as you can. Anything more and your taps will get missed by the screen.

19) Upgrade your Bitminer to increase the value of every one of your taps.
Each upgrade to your Bitminer will increase the value per tap. This, of course, is one of the most important upgrades. You have 75 different “versions” of the bitminer that you can upgrade to, total, and by the time you’re at the top version, you’ll be progressing to made-up numbers to count how many bitcoins you have.

18) Every three upgrades, you will earn something new to put into your house.
Notice the version numbers on the upgrades. Two of the upgrades will have decimal points after them, usually a .3 and .6, then the next one will have a new whole version number, and all this continues up until v25.0. Once you hit a .0 upgrade, you unlock a new item to put in your house. You’ll go from a run down shack to a super fancy place by the time you’re all done.

17) Purchase investments to earn money for doing absolutely nothing.
Each investment increases the amount of bits that you earn per second. You can buy an unlimited amount of each individual investment, but of course, it gets more expensive every time for more of the same investment. Go for the most value for the dollar as possible, and move to the next tier of investments as quickly as possible.

16) Collect all 25 Hyperbits every day.
You can earn up to 25 total out of the Amazon boxes every day, and once you earn them, you have to wait until the next day to open the rest of your 25 Hyperbits. After that, every box will contain a bunch of bitcoins as usual, or a coin blast.

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