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Bitcoin Billionaire – Top 20 Tips, Tricks, and Cheats, Page 2

15) Whenever you draw a negative “something happened” card, cancel it out with a video.
Watch a video and you will be able to cancel it out for free. Once the video finishes you won’t have to do anything. As you play, though, the videos will run out. Then you can shut the game off for about 15-30 minutes and the videos will come back, but if you draw a negative card and no videos are available, you will either have to bear the brunt of it or pay 2 Hyperbits to cancel out the effect.

14) When you draw a positive “something happened” card, double its effects with a video.
The positive cards can be doubled for free by watching a video. These cards consist of either tap speed multipliers, free Hyperbits, coin blasts, or investment income multipliers. Just like with the above, you can also double them by paying two Hyperbits. Or you can simply accept them as they are if you run out of videos yet you don’t want to spend Hyperbits to double them.

13) Tap the envelopes every time that you see them pop up.
Envelopes contain either huge coin blasts, investment income multipliers, free Hyperbits or tap speed bonuses, so open them every time you see them. These will be in exchange for any number of things, such as enabling banner ads, a video, snapping a “picture” and sharing it (you don’t actually have to share, just hit cancel) or inviting friends on Facebook.

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12) Upgrade your offline income with Hyperbits.
Go to one of your investments, preferably your most lucrative, and spend Hyperbits and you can elevate your offline income. That means that when you go back to the game, you will have a whole load of free bitcoins to collect. The more times that you upgrade your offline income, the higher percentage of your online income you’ll make offline, and the longer the income will continue to roll in without checking the game.

11) Play the two casinos as often as possible.
These will earn you massive boosts and prizes. Go to the standard spin once per day for free; otherwise you can play after paying 10 Hyperbits in order to do so. The premium spin, which has far bigger prizes, can be played at any time in exchange for paying 99 cents in the IAP store.

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