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Bitcoin Billionaire – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide, Page 3

A good way to guarantee that the videos never run out when you need them the most (when you need them to reverse a negative card) is to cut the game off when you get your first failed attempt at watching a video. No videos will be available at that particular moment; however, when you come back to the game, most likely a video will be available.

The videos require an internet connection to play, though. Make sure that your internet is connected via either wifi or data before you try to watch a video. Bow out of the game for a second and turn on your internet if it is off. If you are in an area with a bad connection, close the game and then open it later. If you have offline earning bonuses, then let ’em kick in!

Rack up enough of the offline bonuses and you don’t even have to play the game in order to get rich, much. Just go back and check it every half an hour to an hour to reset the offline earnings, and do this as often as you feel like. Although even without bonuses, the best way to earn a ton is to have your phone or tablet’s auto-sleep off, leave the game on in the store somewhere, and plug it in so it never loses charge.

Offline earning is helpful, but to remind yourself to keep checking back, enable the notifications in the settings menu of the game so that you get a pop up when it’s time to check your bitcoins. You can always turn them off later if you find that they bug you, but it’s helpful to have them turned on.

Notice the version number on your Bitminer when you upgrade it. If the next upgrade in the list is an incomplete number (such as 13.6), you are not going to get anything to add to your room when you upgrade next, but if it is a complete number, then you will get a new item to add to your room.

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The screen on your phone can read up to two fingers at the same time in this game, but not more than that. The way to tap as fast as the game will allow you to, every single time, is to alternate taps, with two fingers on each hand, back and forth as fast as you can. For example, tap with your left thumb and index finger at the same time, then tap with your right thumb and index finger at the same time. Alternate them.

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