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Bitcoin Billionaire – Tips, Tricks, Cheats, and Strategy Guide, Page 1

Bitcoin Billionaire is a new clicker-type of game for the iOS platform. The bitcoins aren’t real, but the guilt that you’ll feel for becoming addicted to this game is definitely real. Your goal is to mine bitcoins and collect hyperbits, buy better bitcoin mining software and investments, and then do it all over again. Read on for some tips and tricks for Bitcoin Billionaire!

Tap as fast as possible by tapping using more than one finger. Tap with two fingers alternating, or even three or four fingers alternating. The number that you can get away with using depends on what phone or tablet you use. For example, it will be tough to use more than two fingers on an iPhone 4s, but on a 6 Plus or an iPad it is easy to use three or four fingers.

Purchase investments in order to earn income without even having to tap. Purchase enough of them and your earning speed for doing nothing can outgrow even how much you earn for fast tapping. Of course, to increase your per tap income you’ll need to go to the upgrades menu and upgrade the tap worth.

Whenever one of those pick-a-card things comes around, you have two possible negative cards and one positive card. For any of the positive cards, you can double the effect for free by watching an advertisement video. For any of the negative cards, you can cancel out the effect by watching an advertisement video for free. Or you can pay a hyperbit or two to skip it.

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Once a video ends, if you want to sit and collect investment income for as long as possible without having to risk a negative effect, sit on the “video reward” screen or on the Vungle screen and put your phone down for as long as you want. Then you will collect bitcoins for as long a time as you want. Make sure that your phone is set not to lock the screen for maximum rewards.

Finally, make sure to open every single box and envelope that you come across in order to maximize your bitcoin gains. They will either contain coin blasts, hyperbits, tap multipliers and investment income multipliers, meaning that every single one of them is worth something good.

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