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Island Experiment is a new iOS and Android game that brings back the old city building/exploration games of old, like FrontierVille and Ravenwood Fair which were popular on Facebook a long time ago. Your goal is to search through the island that the scientists were doing illegal experiments on, see what you can find, and make it to all of the hidden places, finding treasures and collecting coins and gems as you go. Read on for some tips and tricks for Island Experiment!

First and foremost, make sure that your scientists have the ability to grow as much food as you can. Food is your “energy” in this game so once you run out of food, you can’t do anything except grow more food. Build as many fields as you can in order to grow as much food as you can, and upgrade them so that you can grow more food at a time.

Of course, it will take longer to grow longer batches of food. So make sure that you have a batch of crops going whenever you are about to shut the game off. The higher the level of your fields, the longer the jobs that you can set. Set the short jobs when you are playing the game actively in order to grow as much food per minute as possible.

Quest completion is the fastest way to earn more coins, experience points and other goods, but experience points especially, so complete the quests in order to advance in the game. The more experience levels you gain, the more different buildings you unlock and the farther up in the island you can go. Plus, you can build more of each building and other object (such as, most importantly, fields).

Wanna earn some free gems? The main way to do so is to log into Facebook, which is a task that will earn you three gems. Every level that you gain will also be worth some free gems. Check all of the quests that pop up, because some of them will earn you some free gems as a bonus, as well.

Achievements are a great way to earn free gems, as well as other prizes and other goods. Go to the trophy icon (the achievements menu button) to see what you can complete, and to collect the rewards from the ones that are complete.

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