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Zombie Road Trip Trials – Tips and Cheats: The Strategy Guide

Zombie Road Trip Trials is a new off-roading time trial qualification game (plus zombies, because duh) for iPhone and iPad, soon to come to the Android platform as well. It’s the sequel to Zombie Road trip, and your goal is to make it through a nearly limitless quantity of stages, scoring up to three stars, setting the best possible times, and trying to beat your friends as well. Read on for some tips and tricks for Zombie Road Trip Trials!

Focus on each star that you can earn for a specific stage separately, rather than at the same time. You get as many plays as you want to earn all of the stars in a stage, and oftentimes it can be nearly impossible to complete every task or even more than one task on one single race. For example, finishing within a certain amount of time and doing loads of flips can often be incompatible with each other.

While the racing is fairly straightforward, there are a few ways to increase your speed. Perfect landings, from either tricks or long jumps, will give you a speed boost, as well leaning your truck forward into a jump at the tail end of the jump, and sometimes slamming the brakes before a big jump. Also, when you’re about to hit a quarter-pipe hill, shoot any zombies that might be blocking your path because they will ruin your jumps.

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As you complete quests, you earn coins. Spend the coins on upgrading your trucks and your guns, and buying brand new trucks and guns. Then go back to old stages with missions that were tough to beat before. Now, most likely, they will be far easier to beat with all of that upgraded equipment.

Wanna earn some free coins in Zombie Road Trip Trials? Go to the in game store and look for the top left button. You will get 500 coins per advertisement video that you watch, which is far more at a time than you’ll earn for completing quests. Also, connect to Facebook to play the multiplayer mode for 3,000 free coins.

If you are used to playing Bike Race, then go to the options menu and change the control scheme from buttons to tilt to make it control exactly like Bike Race.