Pocket Knights Tricks and Tips Guide: Hints, Cheats, and Strategies

Pocket Knights is a new role playing game for the iPhone and iPad by ZQ Games. The gameplay blends the style of popular iOS card collection games with previous role playing games that have appeared on the platform, as well as avant-garde RPGs such as Galaxy Legend. The game takes you on a quest through various locations around the world, as well as different dungeons inside of the tower, collecting gold and diamonds along the way, with even more areas unlocking as you gain experience levels. Read on for some tips and tricks for Pocket Knights!

One of the first and most common problems that pops up during the game is filling up your warehouse. When your warehouse is full, we will not be allowed to venture on any more requests. First of all, upgrade your castle until its level is equivalent to the level of your player. Next, upgrade your warehouse until its level is the equivalent of your castles level. Your castle cannot be a higher level than your player, and your warehouse cannot be a higher level than your castle.

Each upgrade to your warehouse gives you more item space. Also, you will earn loads and loads of treasure chests that you will be able to open inside of your warehouse. Don’t let them build up for too long, because when your warehouse fills up, you will not be able to open any of your treasure chests. Open them as soon as possible get them, not only so you can get them out of the way, but because the bonuses are nice to have.

Use your energy and AP bonus items as soon as you collect them, as well, because they will increase even if your energy and AP are maxed out, technically allowing you to increase your energy and AP way above the maximum level. And if all else fails, just start using diamonds to unlock new slots to make it far easier to store lots of items and go farther without constantly worrying about your warehouse.

Anytime something flashes red on your main map screen, tap it and rifle through all of the tabs to find various bonuses that you can collect. Some flashing red areas, such as the event tab, will require a lot of digging but will provide massive rewards.

In the arena battles, you will need every edge that you can. Do this by upgrading your characters and their equipment. Use any of the common cards that you get as fusion fodder to upgrade your characters, and use any old equipment as a sacrifice to upgrade your characters’ main equipment. You earn so many extra cards and equipment through the tower and the world map battles that you should always be checking your card and equipment screens to see what you can equip and upgrade.

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