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Cookie Clickers – How to get more Cookies

Cookie Clickers is an unofficial iOS adaptation of the popular PC flash game where your goal is simply to click cookies, then buy stuff with your cookies, then click more cookies, etc etc. You’ll look at the leaderboard often and when you do, you’ll see people that have a ridiculous amount of cookies – meaning numbers into the septillions and octillions (yes, those are real numbers, look it up). Wanna know how to get more cookies and eventually get to that insane quantity of cookies in Cookie Clickers? Read on!

Tap the cookie and you’ll get cookies. Tap the cookie faster and faster to increase your cookie multiplier. When you get enough cookies, go to the store and buy the power click. Each power click that you buy doubles your base cookie multiplier – the first upgrade is 2x, the next one is 4x, then 8x, then 16x, and so on and so forth.

In addition, keep buying the other power ups to earn more cookies automatically every second. They only earn you cookies when you have the app open, so turn off the automatic screen shut-off in your phone or tablet options in order to keep earning cookies indefinitely. Buy the offline production power up to keep earning cookies while you are offline.

As you keep tapping cookies, the cookie bar at the top of the screen will fill up. When it fills up, a bunch of special golden cookies will drop. At the outset, they will earn you only 200 cookies apiece for each one that you tap successfully, but as you buy automatic cookie-earning upgrades, each golden cookie will increase in value – for example, when you are earning 266 auto-cookies per second, each golden cookie will earn you over 63,000 cookies.

You can get free cookies when you hit the “More” menu and take various offers (downloading apps, liking on Facebook, etc), but just like the golden cookies, these will VASTLY increase in value as you buy more automatic-cookie upgrades, so hold out on taking these offers as long as you can. The more upgrades your purchase, the more you will earn BY FAR from these offers.

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The bottom bar, the “chocolate” bar, will fill up every five minutes, and once it fills up, you will earn 10 times the cookies for thirty seconds. This is by far your best bet for earning huge amounts of cookies, so make sure to catch the chocolate wave when it happens and then tap as fast as you can.